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Free online business plan software for students and non-profit

Modern, Free online business plan software for students and nonprofit organization. It helps students of educational institutes and non-profit organizations preparing actionable business plans and financial forecasts. By supporting different languages, currency symbols and comfortable teaching styles, it makes business planning easy for students.

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Simple business plan template for your lean startup

Are you looking for a simple business plan template? Lean Canvas’ 9 building blocks help you to plot your business plan very quickly and easily, Try this template with our online business plan software.

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Free Business Plan Software: Do You Really Need it?

Perfect explanation about whether or not you need a free business plan software or template in order to accomplish your business goals.

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Is it the time to update your business plan?

Your existing business plan is wrong. A business plan is a living document that must evolve every time there’s a change in your business model, regardless of how trivial or major change it is.

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6 Components of a Strong Business Model

In a recent survey conducted by a software company on how useful it is to write a business plan, it was concluded that of those who invested time and resources to write a business plan, 64% were able to grow their businesses, compared to 43 percent of the companies that didn't. Additionally, entrepreneurs with a professionally written business model were more likely to secure the funding they needed.

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What investors want to see in your business plan before writing the cheque?

Getting an investor on board is never an easy task. It can be highly intimidating and requires you to be meticulous in your homework. But once you find the right person or organization who can help you with financial resources, the rewards are absolutely worth all the hard work you put it.

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How to write a business plan – Beginners Guide

Now that you have an exemplary business idea, it's time you spend some time gathering relevant information and facts that will help you create a sellable business plan. It's time to pull your socks up and talk numbers. Jot down how your business idea is going to solve the problem of your target audience and what strategies you are going to adapt to ensure you are able to achieve your vision.

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Is your business plan for the good or worst?

Everyone, whether an entrepreneur or not, understands that writing a Business Plan is a daunting task! A perfect business plan is a myth - in fact, if you're an investor, you know that there are all kinds of business plans - the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Make the change, go paperless with online business plan software

First things first – Do you really need your business plan on paper? How many copies would you print off? Let’s say, if you are to meet 10 investors in a month to pitch your business idea or a new project, you’d need a separate set of copy for each. That is a lot of paper we are talking about!

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