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We publish helpful, well-researched articles about tips, hacks, ideas and thoughtful approaches to help entrepreneurs on every aspect of planning a business. ​​If you’re an experienced writer, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our approach

We strive to elevate the field of business planning by producing high-quality, well-researched, actionable content (no surface-level, keyword-stuffed pieces that waste anyone’s time). Everything we produce is the result of time, effort, and intentionality from subject matter experts with a relentless dedication to quality.

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Our audience

The Upmetrics blog is the premier destination for business planners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and thought leaders—our content reaches 80,000 monthly readers. Our readers want to grow by applying productivity hacks to their routine tasks; they want to really understand business financials, they want to know when to hire more employees, how to make better, more informed decisions, and how to be more productive. And they don’t want to do it via the medium of boring old articles they can find just anywhere.

Traits of a successful Upmetrics article

  • The content should be unique and actionable. Aim for something you haven’t heard before or They have not been published elsewhere.
  • 1500+ words submitted in an editable Google Doc (edit access on).
  • Feel free to include images and videos directly in the Google Doc (if not yours, please provide the source).
  • Include a bio (one or two sentences) with an image (minimum 250 x 250).
  • Keep language simple, straightforward, and free from frills.
  • A solid grasp of grammar, punctuation, and a general, high level of writing skill is necessary for publication.

Technical guidelines

  • No more than two relevant links to your site in the article. Each Paragraph length should be max 3 to 4 lines only.
  • Article needs to be centered around one search keyword. And keyword should be relevant to our niche and services.
  • Spell-checked and fact-checked, with sources cited (link to them) to back up arguments.
  • We might make edits as we see fit to conform with our style. We will remove any copy we view as self-promotional.
  • Please do not pitch the generic content on how to market your business, how to start a business, how to start a business online, and so on. Your pitch should be specific and it should be rooted in experience, data, and research.

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Content principles & Style Guidelines

If your outline has been accepted, please adhere to the following editorial guidelines when writing and editing your post:

  • Please submit the article as a text file in WordPress HTML format (e.g. copy the text from the WordPress HTML editor).
  • We don’t mind how long (or short) your article is, so long as it is well written, concise and has a clear message.
  • Please use American English spelling (unless otherwise instructed).
  • The headline should be highly engaging, “click worthy” and no longer than 65 characters (including spaces).
  • Write headlines and sub-headers in title case (use this tool).
  • Write using short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. Keep it simple!
  • Your writing style should be direct, yet conversational and personable.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, articles should be broken up regularly by graphical elements (i.e. sub-headers/lists/blockquotes, etc.).
  • Links should be set to open in new tabs.
  • Please do not use ALL CAPS, bold, italics (with noted exceptions) or underlining (except with links of course!).
  • Please carefully check your piece for any errors in punctuation, grammar and/or spelling before submitting.

It is vital that you adhere to the above guidelines. If you do not, we are likely to reject your post.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the timeline for turnaround?

Our team will work with you directly on the content, but generally, it takes 4-6 weeks from start to publish.

2 Do you syndicate content?

We do not publish content that is published elsewhere online. All guest posts must be unique.

3 Do i need to also provide blog creative?

We will provide the main blog post image, but feel free to include additional design assets.

4 I have other questions!

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