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Bring your idea to life with Upmetrics!

Cut the tedious work of creating each category business plan from scratch to teach your students instead use our various business plan templates.

Students can use our various business plan template examples and convert their ideas into actionable plans in a few clicks smoothly.

Ideate – Teach – Learn from our various business plan templates.

Proven Planning Tools To Make Your Work Easy & Smooth

Easy To Teach & Learn

With business plan templates, it is easy to teach and learn all the critical aspects of business planning. Students can also rank higher by getting to-the-point knowledge of business planning.

Highly Professional Business Plans

We have highly professional business plans for educators to teach their students proficiently, also students can use the business planning knowledge for their future business ideas.

Improve Critical Thinking

Educators can teach students to think critically about their business concepts & strategies and not get bogged down by Excel and Word documents.

Teach Through Real Models

Teach your students through real models and real business examples. Just don’t teach, make it all fun-learning for your students with the help of Upmetrics.

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Develop A Deeper Understanding Towards Business Planning With Us

Automate financial forecasting saves the time

Financial forecasting tools of Upmetrics make sure that students and educators focus on numbers & critical thinking rather than complex calculations.  

The automatic forecasting tools save a lot of time in calculation providing you with meaningful insights.

Innovative and modifiable templates

We have a broad assortment of business plan templates to cater to all your curiosity for various business fields, so students can study and get an idea of different occupations.

Any student or educator can readily innovate or customize the business plan template according to their needs. Educators can even create customized business plan templates for their students to follow.

Say bye to back & forth mails with easy collaboration

Emailing business plans back and forth after edits or suggestions is difficult. Upmetrics is one such platform where collaboration between all the members becomes easy.

Keep track of all the versions of the business plan draft easily using our workspace feature, where every member can get access.

Guideline on every step

Upmetrics is set to auto-guide, which provides you with a step-by-step explanation of what should be done in each and every business plan segment.

The guidance on each step makes planning easier for both students & educators.

What Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Love About Upmetrics

“Having complete control over our business plan has been instrumental in being able to raise funds from investors. Upmetrics is an invaluable product that keeps getting better.”

Jason Lorje
Founder & CEO Agmondo

“Upmetrics simplifies the heavy lifting for planning for business plans. It comes with 200+ sample templates, helpful tips, and detailed documentation. The only tool you ever need!”

Aizat Hawari
Founder Praxis Sdn. Phd

“I've tried most apps including LivePlan, Bizplan, and Cuttles, and found them all missing something critical. If you are a serious entrepreneur, Upmterics is the only app you need."

Imad Ahmed
Founder Nanolyse Technologies

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