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Money is at the heart of all businesses and as long as there is cash flowing in, one can safely assume that the business is in its prime financial health.

But hey you know as well as us that cash management is not a cakewalk, and definitely not a task you can undertake without proper financial software.

One needs to answer numerous questions such as,

  • Do I have enough working capital to maintain operational efficiency?
  • What will be the impact of certain decisions (i.e. hiring a new employee) on the cash flow?
  • What’s the real-time cash situation in my business?
  • When should I pay the invoices to not interrupt the cash flow?

Answering these questions is quite difficult if you don’t have a thorough understanding of how cash flows in your business.

Well, this article offers a list of the 10 best cash flow forecasting software in the market and one of these software will definitely help you answer those questions.

So let’s dive right in.

Let’s explore the highly-rated forecasting tools in the market and find the best fit for your business.

Best Cash Flow Forecasting Software Tools

1. Upmetrics

Upmetrics is a business and financial planning software that helps emerging startups and small businesses conduct business and financial planning with its range of modern intuitive tools.

Its financial forecasting calculator helps you build complex financial plans and reports from scratch without tying you up in the complexities of accounting and calculations.

However, that’s not it.

What separates Upmetrics from the leading cash forecasting software is its AI adaptation to offer accurate and precise suggestions for revenue, expenses, cost of sales, and personnel.

AI takes away the guesswork from the equation and helps you predict the state of the cash flow in the future.

Overall, Upmetrics helps in making informed business decisions, testing different financial scenarios, and evaluating the financial standing of the business with its simple and easy-to-use adaptability.

Best Features

  • Precise and Accurate AI-generated financial suggestions.
  • Forecasting calculator to calculate revenue, expenses, cost-of-sales, and personnel.
  • Creates a detailed financial plan from scratch.
  • Supports forecasting for up to 7 years
  • Generates 8 different financial reports.
  • Intuitive visual dashboard summarizing your key metrics
  • Easy to share and embed into your business plan.


Starter Premium
$7 monthly $14 monthly
AI financial forecasting is available only for premium users.

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2. Agicap


Agicap is an extensive cash flow management and forecasting software used to build automated forecasts for small businesses.

This tool allows you to test the viability of different financial scenarios by helping you study their impact on your future cash flows.

Moreover, it would build realistic cash flow forecasts for your business using the assumptions set by you. This will again help you predict the state of cash flow in the future.

Agicap allows the integration of financial data and makes real-time updates to the cash flow allowing you to get a realistic overview of your business.

When you choose Agicap, you can make data-driven decisions by getting a virtual representation of your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly forecasts.

Overall, the friendly interface and the integration with more than 150 accounting tools make Agicap a highly desirable tool.

Best Features

  • Automated cash flow forecasting
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Scenario analysis
  • Allows forecasts for multiple business units
  • Customizable reports
  • Displays short, mid, and long-term forecasts
  • Integration with 150+ accounting software


  • Steep learning curve to realize the true potential of this software.
  • It has only annual plans and no monthly or quarterly offers.
  • Agicap offers limited data visualization options.
  • It lacks the depth that allows detailed KPI tracking.
  • It is not suited for large-scale enterprises.


Personalized plans

3. Abacum


Abacum is a cash flow forecasting software that seamlessly integrates with your business systems helping you get real-time insights into your cash flow.

This robust forecasting tool ensures effortless cash flow management by bringing together a business plan, marketing funnel, revenue cohort, and headcount under one head.

This tool helps you make informed decisions in real time by allowing you to create scenarios, adjust the assumptions, and measure their impact on your cash flow.

Get rid of those stale spreadsheets and model the new projections into your business metrics with Abacum. Report, analyze, and drive your business outcomes by getting real-time operational insight into your business.

Best features

  • Automated forecasts using historical data and advanced algorithms.
  • Syncs operational and financial data in real time.
  • Simplified and easy calculations.
  • Collaborative team integration.
  • Automated financial statements and visual reports.
  • Integrates with major HRIS, BI, and ERP systems.


  • Abacum is not the right software for small businesses with limited cash flow and cash management needs.
  • Support and learning are needed to unravel the truly advanced features of Abacum.
  • Pricing plans are highly variable making it objective for many businesses.


Not available publicly.

4. Futrli


Futrli stands out in the market as a comprehensive cash flow forecasting software that takes away the complexity of forecasting from the equation and empowers you to spend more time in decision-making.

Futrli 3-way rolling forecasts are built using 2 years of historical data and are updated daily with the new data. It makes predictive analyses about the future cash position in the business using advanced algorithms.

Using this tool, you can test different scenarios by analyzing their impact on your cash flow to make informed choices. While cash flow forecasting is its primary focus, Futrli makes reporting extremely easy, intuitive, and fast with its powerful interface.

Best features

  • 3-way rolling forecasts (P&L, Balance sheet, and Cash flow)
  • Daily cash flow forecasting
  •  Customizable reporting and dashboard
  • Allows different scenarios and what-if analysis
  • Real-time financial insights
  •  Detect new patterns and alert you to the changes
  • 3 years of operational and cash flow forecasts
  • Integrates with Xero, Sage, and Quickbooks online.


  • A steep learning curve before you can unravel its best features.
  • While the solution is comprehensive, it offers limited integration with different accounting software.
  • Futrli is quite pricy compared to other forecasting software.


Single Starter Professional Practice
$35/month $200/month $375/month $500/month

5. Xero


Xero analytics, a part of Xero, offers insight into the future state of your business through short-term cash flow projections.

With Xero, you can track your cash flow, forecast your bank balance, and evaluate the impact of receivables and payables on the cash flow.

This accounting tool offers a customizable snapshot of your business performance. It helps you to track the financial metrics by allowing you to set the filters and compare the trends.

You get to drill down into the details and evaluate the financial health of your business in real-time with advanced Xero plans.

Best features

  •  AI-powered predictions
  • Trend analysis and performance evaluation
  • Basic scenario planning.
  • Visual reports to summarize the business’s financial health.
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automated financial reports


  • Even the most advanced plans of Xero offer cash flow forecasting for up to 90 days only.
  • It lacks the features to support complex cash flow management needs.
  • Xero analytics limits the extent to which you can customize and adjust the scenarios in your cash forecast.
  • The pricing is exceedingly high for the forecasting features it offers.


Early Growing Established
$15/ month $42/ month $78/ month

Only, the established plan supports cash flow forecasting.

6. Float

Float allows you to forecast the cash position of your business by using historical data from your business systems.

This robust tool helps you model different scenarios, projects, and cash runways in your business without tangling you up in the complexities. Simply toggle between different scenarios, study their impact on the cash flow, and identify the gaps in your cash flow.

Make data-driven decisions for your business as you study the automated visual reports prepared by Xero.

This all-encompassing tool integrates easily with ERP systems like Xero, QuickBooks, and FreeAgent and is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Best features

  • Scenario planning and what-if analysis
  • Syncs data from the source in real-time.
  • Forecasting for multiple projects.
  • Updates your visual forecasts in real time.
  • Easy integration of financial data.
  • Custom cash thresholds to prevent cash death.


  • The early plan restricts long-term forecasting.
  • The features are quite standard and are easily available in an advanced accounting system.
  • Compared to other forecasting software in the market, Float lacks depth in forecasting functionalities.


Early Growth Scaling
$35/ month $55/ month $79/ month

7. Brixx


Brixx is a strategic decision-making tool focused on modeling the future of your business and helping you make the right financial decisions.

It offers a thorough financial forecasting solution for cash flow, budgeting, reporting, and business planning and is an extremely easy-to-use software.

Brixx helps you build the financial picture of your business by allowing you to input financial assumptions, adjust the timeline, test the what-if scenarios, and study its impact on your cash flow.

This intuitive and simple tool integrates with Xero and allows you to compare the actuals against the forecast with an interactive dashboard that simplifies everything.

This strategic tool empowers you to test new business ideas without wrapping yourself in the complexity of numbers.

Best features

  • User-friendly interface for building forecasts.
  • Integration with the renowned tool Xero.
  • Extremely easy-to-use.
  • Up to 10 years of cash flow forecast
  • Interactive and enriching visual reports.
  • Collaborative tool with restrictive controls.


  • The capabilities of Brixx are questionable when it comes to granular-level financial modeling.
  • Brixx offers limited integration opportunities making it difficult to conclude historical data.
  • Limited customization options for reporting format.
  • The integration with Xero does not sync in real time.


Basic Plus Pro Elite
Free $13/ annually $26/ annually $39/ annually (5 plans)

Only the professional and enterprise plans would support integration and cash flow forecasting.

8. Jirav


Jirav is another of the best cash flow forecasting software in the market. With this comprehensive financial planning tool, you can forecast, budget, report, and analyze how the cash flows within your business.

Jirav makes it easier for businesses to build their financial blueprints and automate the process of creating budgets and operating plans. Not only that, you track KPIs and metrics that are otherwise difficult to determine and gauge the true financial health of your business.

Jirav’s extensive list of functionalities allows you to plan and prepare for multiple business outcomes and prepare precise rolling forecasts with its advanced algorithms.

It integrates easily with the leading ERP systems and is indeed a worthy tool for drilled-down business planning.

Best features

  • Real-time financial forecasting.
  • Automates the process of building budgets and operating plans.
  • Automate historical and forecasted KPIs.
  • Automated financial reporting and analysis.
  •  Easy collaboration and restrictive controls.
  • Workforce planning


  • Requires a steep learning curve to uncover Jirav’s advanced functionalities.
  • It is quite expensive compared to other cash forecasting software in the market.
  • Jirav’s dashboard fails to display reporting insights on the tab.


Starter Pro Enterprise
$10,000 annually $15000 annually Custom Quote

9. Dryrun


Dryrun is a cloud-based cash flow forecasting software that helps you model the cash position of your business allowing you complete manual control.

The advanced algorithms of Dryrun generate automated forecasts for cash flow and sales while allowing you to plan for different complex and advanced scenarios.

Its auto-currency conversion allows you to make projections for different business locations in different currencies, thereby increasing the precision of your forecasts.

Dryrun integrates with all the major systems and syncs the data in real time giving you real cash visibility in your business.

Best features

  • Auto forecasts the cash flow and sales.
  • Real-time cash visibility.
  • Advanced modeling of different business scenarios.
  • Identifies cash flow trends and patterns.
  • One-way sync making cash management easy.
  • Forecasts in different currencies for businesses that operate globally.


  • One might face challenges while modeling the extremely complex financial scenarios on Dryrun.
  • Dryrun falls a little behind compared to specialized tools in terms of advanced analytic features.


Starter Pro Enterprise
$99 monthly $199 monthly Custom Quote

10. Fathom


Fathom generates rolling forecasts and is a brilliant cash forecasting tool that helps you get real-time insight into your cash flow data.

This cash forecasting software helps you analyze the impact of different scenarios on your cash flow through micro forecasts. It allows you to compare the actuals against your projections and thereby evaluate the financial standing of your business.

Fathom empowers businesses using entry-level accounting solutions to dive deep into analytics and insights for better cash flow management. Visual reporting makes it easier for you to understand the state of cash flow in your business.

Best features

  • Forecasts based on past records and future assumptions
  • Rolling forecasts built using the latest data
  • Scenario analysis and assumption testing
  • Real-time integration and data syncing
  • Consolidated cash flow reporting
  • Customizable templates and reporting formats


  • Fathom offers fewer advanced functionalities compared to other forecasting tools.
  • The functionalities of Fathom are quite difficult for owners who aren’t tech-savvy.
  • Limited visualization options for cash flow reporting.


Starter Silver Gold Platinum
$59 monthly $350 monthly $480 monthly $740 monthly

The Bottom Line

As a recap, we have listed 10 cash flow forecasting software serving the objectives of different kinds of businesses.

Within this list, we have mentioned tools that help with scenario analysis, AI forecasting, virtual reporting, budgeting, and much more. Identify what is it that you need help with before subscribing to any of these software.

Like if you are a budding planner struggling to put together forecasts for your financial plan, Upmetrics is what you need. Sign up now and unlock the features that will power you to write a stellar business plan.

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