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The Complete Business Plan Course

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In this course, Learn how to create an effective business plan using step by step video course guide.
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What you'll learn


If you have a great business idea, you must plan it down to the last detail to make it successful. But how would you know that your plan is well-rounded and successful? Through this course, we’ll cover all the aspects of business planning in detail to help you throughout the journey of planning your business.

The course includes step-by-step instructions for writing and planning:

  1. A well-rounded executive summary to help you sum up your ideas properly.
  2. A proper company summary that includes a clear and precise mission and vision statement, products, and services section, and many more.
  3. It’ll also help you understand how to conduct industry and market analysis in the right way.
  4. How to formulate strategies that work and help you utilize your company’s resources to the maximum potential.
  5. It also helps you ensure that you strategize and plan every aspect of your marketing and advertising, and go about promoting your business in a cost-effective way.
  6. It would also help you imbibe concepts like cash flow, financial forecasting, and financial risk management effectively and with ease. No more complicated spreadsheets!
  7. The course also helps you design your sales funnel and business model and get an accurate sales forecast.
  8. A personnel plan to help you build a team that works in sync with your ideologies.
  9. Eventually, you’ll also be able to predict your break-even analysis and approximately when you’ll be able to achieve the same.
  10. Lastly, it’ll also help you design a presentable and unique cover page.
  11. Apart from that, there are 400+ sample business plans so you get to plan your business as per the requirements of your industry.

Above all, business planning can be difficult, but with a little direction from the course paired with easy-to-use software, you can now plan your business faster than ever.


  • The desire to grow your business and come one step closer to your dream.

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You want to start a new business and want help and direction for writing your business plan.
  • Grow an existing business or company.
  • You are running short on time and need to write your business plan fast.
  • You want help in formulating a business strategy that works.
  • You want to get funding to grow your business.
  • You are starting any business ranging from eCommerce, local, affiliate, self-branded, start-up, mobile app, B2B, service, or home-based with one or two people.
Creating powerful business plan
01m 02s
Getting most out of this course
00m 39s
Executive Summary
Executive Summary
03m 26s
Company Summary
Corporate structure and ownership
01m 04s
Mission and vision statement
00m 24s
Product and services
01m 25s
Pricing information
01m 02s
00m 40s
Key to success
00m 34s
SWOT analysis
01m 47s
Market Analysis
Market analysis
00m 38s
Industry Analysis
Industry Analysis
01m 59s
Product & Services
Product & Services
01m 51s
Strategies & Implementation
Strategies and implementation overview
00m 24s
Advertising strategy
00m 40s
Target market strategy
01m 59s
Website strategy
00m 40s
01m 36s
Exit strategy
01m 49s
Types of Financial Plan
Opening statement
00m 50s
Short term
01m 13s
Intermediate term
01m 05s
Financial risk management
01m 09s
Cash adequacy protection plan
00m 40s
Management succession plan
00m 41s
Long term
00m 42s
Startup summary
01m 41s
Sales Forecast
Sales projections
00m 50s
Personnel plan
01m 00s
Projected profit and loss
01m 35s
Projected balance sheet and cash flow
02m 12s
Break Even & Business Ratio Analysis
Break-even analysis
02m 00s
Business ratio analysis
01m 21s

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