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Strategic Planning Templates

The Startup Canvas

Startup Canvas

The startup canvas is designed to start sketching initial ideas for a business idea. It is also called a one-page business plan template for startUps. Use our startup canvas template and create your first startup canvas within just 30 minutes.

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The Pitch canvas

Pitch Canvas

The Pitch Canvas is an entrepreneurial brainstorming tool that helps you structure and visualise your pitch on one page. It is created by David Beckett with investor centric design approach by using the investment winning

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Pitch planner canvas

Pitch Planner Canvas

Are you looking for a step by step guide to writing a winning business pitch script? Pitch Planner Canvas is an answer to your question. It helps to build and test a pitch script that meets your audience’s needs and generates the

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Lean canvas

Lean Canvas

Use upmetrics lean canvas template to create your one-page business plan within just 30 minutes. Lean canvas created by Ash Maurya that helps you highlight key points of your lean startup on actionable canvas.

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The Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Use upmetrics business model canvas template to create new or develop your existing idea and help your customer understand your business model in a simple and structured away. The business model canvas was created by Alexander

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Social lean canvas

Social Lean Canvas

The social lean canvas is extended version of lean canvas and used for startups where purpose and social impact are significant. Use our canvas modeling tool and social lean canvas template to create your first canvas in no time.

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