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Billed monthly

$108$84/per year

Billed annually (Save up to 25%)
  • Includes:
  • 400+ Business Plan Samples info-iconAccess a vast library of over 400+ sample plans spanning various industries.
  • 3-Year Financial Forecast info-iconProject your business finances with a comprehensive three-year forecast model.
  • Pitch Deck Creator info-iconCraft compelling pitch decks with our intuitive creation tool for impactful presentations.
  • 1 Workspace info-iconCentralize your planning with a dedicated workspace for all your strategic needs.
  • Up to 5 Team Members info-iconCollaborate efficiently by bringing up to five team members into your planning workspace.
  • Business Plan Course info-iconEnhance your planning skills with our structured course on business plan creation.
  • Export to PDF info-iconConveniently export your business plans and reports to PDF for easy sharing and printing.
  • Addons
  • Workspace at $5 per monthWorkspace at $7 per monthinfo-iconIf you need to plan for multiple businesses, you can buy addon workspaces with additional cost.
  • Member at $3 per monthMember at $5 per monthinfo-iconIf you need to invite more team members, you can buy addon members with additional cost.




Billed monthly

$228$168/per year

Billed annually (Save up to 25%)
  • Includes everything in Starter, plus:
  • AI Plan Writing & Assistance info-iconEmpower your business plan creation with AI—craft a comprehensive plan, refine sections, adjust length, set language tone, or translate content effortlessly.
  • 7-Year Financial Forecast info-iconExtend your financial outlook with an in-depth seven-year forecasting capability with AI sales forecasting suggestions.
  • Strategic Planning Tools info-iconUtilize advanced tools to formulate and align your long-term business strategy.
  • Multi-Versioning & Analytics info-iconTrack changes with multi-versioning and gain insights with integrated analytics.
  • Exports to PDF/Doc info-iconEasily export your documents to PDF or Word for versatile sharing options.
  • Exports to Excel info-iconExport detailed financial data and reports directly to Excel for further analysis.
  • Addons
  • Workspace at $5 per monthWorkspace at $7 per monthinfo-iconIf you need to plan for multiple businesses, you can buy addon workspaces with additional cost.
  • Member at $3 per monthMember at $5 per monthinfo-iconIf you need to invite more team members, you can buy addon members with additional cost.

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Worth the investment

I found the platform to be very user-friendly. When I was not utilizing the site, they checked on me and offered suggestions to move me forward.

- Sonya Epps

Owner, Epps Hauling & Tracking LLC

Awesome Software

The platform was easy to navigate. The templates were awesome. I like that each section provided examples for you to use as a guide.

- Antoine Mayfield

Founder, Antoine Mayfield clothing brand

Easy to use

As a business consultant and commercial loan broker, Upmetrics has been a gem of my business. It’s much better then Liveplan.

- Danielle Martin

President, The Smart Business Consultant

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Monthly Yearly Up to 25% off on Yearly PlansSave up to 25%







The Basics
Active Workspaceinfo-icon
Your comprehensive business planning hub, featuring all the essential tools for a thorough strategy, including financial forecasts and collaborative options for full team engagement.



Team membersinfo-icon
Enhance your business planning by inviting team members to collaborate. Utilize diverse insights and expertise to refine and perfect your business strategy together.



Guest Accessinfo-icon
Effortlessly share your business plans and reports with stakeholders by granting them view access. Ensure informed decision-making with transparent communication.



Upmetrics AI
AI Assistantinfo-icon
Tap into the power of AI for on-demand business consulting. Ask any question and let our AI delve into research, providing you with insightful, data-driven advice.

Writing Assistantinfo-icon
From concept to full-fledged business plan, our AI Writing Assistant crafts professional, investor-ready plan sections, streamlining your planning process.

Translation Assistanceinfo-icon
Break language barriers with our AI-powered Translation Assistance, enabling you to communicate your business plan effectively in multiple languages.

Content Refinementinfo-icon
Elevate your business narrative with AI-driven Content Refinement, ensuring your plan's tone, style, and grammar are impeccable and impactful.

Forecasting Guidanceinfo-icon
Our AI offers tailored suggestions for forecasting sales, expenses, and salaries and other financial components.

400+ Sample Plansinfo-icon
Jumpstart your planning with over 400 professionally crafted business plans. Find inspiration and best practices for your industry.

Step-By-Step Instructionsinfo-icon
Upmetrics simplifies business planning with clear, step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth planning experience from start to finish.

Automated Forecast Builderinfo-icon
Effortlessly project your finances with our automated forecast builder, simplifying the creation of accurate financial forecasts for informed decision-making.

What-If Scenario Planninginfo-icon
Future-proof your financials with dynamic scenario planning. Adjust key variables and immediately see the potential impact on your business's financial health.

Lender-Ready Reports

100+ Country Currency Formattinginfo-icon
Prepare for success with our comprehensive suite of lender-approved reports, including break-even analysis, profit & loss, balance sheets, cashflow and more.

Pitchdeck Builderinfo-icon
Effortlessly create compelling, investor-ready pitch decks with our AI-enhanced builder, designed to capture attention and funding.

Strategic Planninginfo-icon
Unlock your business's potential with our suite of strategic planning tools, including business model canvas, lean canvas, and more, for in-depth strategy development.

Export Planinfo-icon
Share your vision with the world. Export your business plan as a PDF or Doc, or present it online for immediate stakeholder access.



Export Pitchinfo-icon
Turn investors' heads with polished pitches, exportable as PDFs for convenient sharing, or present directly online for instant impact.



Export to Excelinfo-icon
Take command of your financial data with seamless Excel exports, making analysis and presentations straightforward and effective.

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Self-Service Knowledge Baseinfo-icon
Instantly find answers with our extensive help guide articles, enabling you to resolve issues quickly and keep moving forward.

Money-Back Guaranteeinfo-icon
We stand behind our service with a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we're committed to making it right.