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Drive your startup into growth mode: Integrated business planning

Enhance your mentorship programs with Upmetrics, providing your startups with the tools to plan, track, and achieve their business goals efficiently.


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15-Day Money Back
15 Days Money Back

Create startup programs to help your founder understand their business better


Enhance Strategic Guidance

Equip you with tools for actionable strategies. Simplify navigating complex business landscapes for tailored startup guidance.


Optimize Program Efficiency

Streamline program management to focus more on value delivery. Free up resources to foster innovation and support startup growth.


Expand Your Impact

Scale your influence by supporting more startups. Use robust tools to build a community of prepared businesses ready to excel in their industries.

Impress your entrepreneurs with the platform purposely built for growth

Manage all your clients in a single space​

Manage all your startups from a single space

Management of multiple startups is made easy with one unified platform. This is where you can plan, collaborate, and communicate in dedicated workspaces tailored to each mentoring engagement.

Upon completing your mentorship, transfer ownership of the workspace smoothly to your entrepreneur. This transition empowers founder with control over their business plans, all within our secure, intuitive platform.

Fast and accurate financial projections

Guide your startups through detailed three-way financial forecasts to give them the foresight they need. Step-by-step guides and examples ensure startup founders can develop their projections easily.

Rather than static spreadsheets, why not use dynamic forecasting? Our tool takes you beyond traditional methods, offering real-time insights, intuitive scenario planning, and error-free calculations.

Create lender-ready business plans​
Fast and accurate financial projections ​

Discover your startup's performance in real-time

Get valuable insights into your startup’s performance metrics with our intuitive dashboard. Integrate essential charts and reports into the business plan to ensure founders understand their numbers.

Transform financial data into a compelling narrative with our visually striking reports. Guide founders through data-driven solutions, ensuring each meeting brings them closer to their business goals.

Collaborative workspaces for startup planning

These platforms facilitate seamless interaction between founders, mentors, investors, and employees, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed.

Promote effective communication and real-time collaboration across your network. Enable easy sharing of resources, feedback, and strategic advice, boosting productivity and innovation.


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What other Incubators have to say about us

"It allowed me to develop and expand my consultancy business. I like the ability to collaboratively work on plans with clients. It allows me to complete my work & for clients to retain access to the plan."

Steven Leask
Business Consultant

"With upmetrics we are able to put together a plan as quickly as possible, working collaboratively with our clients and being able to track progress against goals. Upmetrics helps us focus on the strategic aspects of the engagement because the setup is already done."

Sina Molelekoa

Supply Chain Manager

"I like not needing to start from scratch each time and yet have the options to fully customize the reports. Being able to generate an unlimited set of reports, that is professional and easy to edit will save you time, which means more time to attend to new clients and expanding your business"

Lammert Stavast
Business Valuato

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upmetrics enables efficient management of multiple startups by allowing users to create dedicated workspaces for each venture. Users can access and manage all necessary business and strategic planning tools within these workspaces, ensuring a tailored and organized approach for each startup.
Upmetrics can generate detailed 3-way financial forecasts for startups, covering up to seven years. The platform simplifies the creation of these projections, making it accessible even for those without accounting knowledge or reliance on complicated spreadsheets.
Upmetrics provides real-time analytics through a unified dashboard that offers critical insights into a startup’s performance. Incubators can track and compare actual outcomes against forecasted projections, facilitating more informed decision-making and timely adjustments to business strategies.

Model your business future with Upmetrics​

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