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Create a comprehensive business plan with the world’s best AI business planning assistant that improves your writing, suggests ideas, and makes your plan better.


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15-Day Money Back
15 Days Money Back

Make business plans at lighting speed with AI-powered features

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Writer’s block is nowhere to be seen

Wasting time staring at a blank canvas, wondering about the words to communicate your ideas is no good. Upmetrics’ auto-write feature helps you automatically write content for each section of your business plan.


Improve your writing in a breeze

Preparing a confident and well-written business plan isn’t a big hassle anymore. Instantly improve your writing, clear spelling, and grammatical errors, and adjust the voice or tone with Upmetrics Assistant’s rewrite feature.

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AI-powered forecasting suggestions

Make accurate & realistic forecasts faster

Guesswork takes a lot out of you while forecasting. Get AI-powered suggestions for expense types, revenue streams, and other projection categories, and add them to your forecast with one single click.

Multilingual support

Language is no longer a barrier

We no longer see language as a barrier to business planning. With Upmetrics, you can now write or translate your plan in 9+ languages and share it with your international colleagues, partners, and investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upmetrics AI writing assistant helps you auto-write, improve, and shorten-expand sections of your plan, as well as change the tone of your text to professional, persuasive, and academic. Ultimately helping you improve your writing as well as your business plan.

Yes, we are continuously working to bring in new features and updates to enhance the quality of our service offerings and provide additional value to our users. We hope our new features make business planning more easier, accessible, and faster so you can spend less time planning, and more growing your business.

Upmetrics Assistant is only available for premium Upmetrics users. Nevertheless, our pricing plans are among the most competitive in the market. Now, you can get Upmetrics premium at just $14/month.

Indeed, it surely can. Upmetrics’ AI-powered financial forecasting feature provides suggestions for revenue streams, expense types, and other business-specific categories, taking all the guesswork out of the equation. It reduces uncertainty and simplifies the financial forecasting process.


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