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Free Online Business Calculators that Save Time

Our collection of free online small business calculators is all you need for all your small business calculations. Calculate startup costs, break-even, revenue growth, cash flow, business valuation, and more in seconds.

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Days Inventory Outstanding Calculator

Measure the time your business takes to turn your inventory into sales in seconds

After Tax Cost Debt Calculator

Calculate the actual cost of borrowing after considering the tax deductions

Break Even Calculator

Determine the break-even point at which your revenue equals your total costs

Burn Rate Calculator

Calculate the rate at which your company is burning or spending its capital

Business Loan Calculator

Estimate the total payment and cost of a business loan for timely repayments

Cash Flow Calculator

Analyze your cash in and outflows to determine cash in hand at the end of the term

Current Ratio Calculator

Calculate your business’s ability to pay off its current liabilities with current assets

Days Sales Outstanding Calculator

Determine how long it takes your company to collect payments after making a sale

EBITDA Calculator

Calculate your Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization

Effective Corporate Tax Rate Calculator

Easily determine the average rate at which your corporation is taxed

Labor Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost of employment, including wages, benefits, and taxes

Markup Calculator

Essential for pricing strategy. Determine the markup product price for desired profits

Net Income Calculator

Determine your company’s net earnings after deducting all expenses and taxes

Profit Margin Calculator

Calculate how much profit you make against per dollar of sales you make

Quick Ratio Calculator

Analyze your company’s ability to meet short-term obligations with its most liquid assets

Return On Invested Capital Calculator

Assess capital use efficiency by determining the return on invested capital

Return On Investment Calculator

Calculate your return on investment to evaluate investment performance

Revenue Growth Calculator

Track and calculate the increase in your company’s revenue growth over time

Sales Tax Calculator

Estimate the sales tax to be added to the price of your product or service

Small Business Valuation

Estimate the value of your small business considering various financial metrics

Startup Cost Calculator

Estimate the initial cost involved in starting a business for better planning