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business plan example for students

Business Plan Examples for Students

Do you know what’s the most common mistake students and rookie entrepreneurs make while preparing their first business plan? Of course, it’s the first business plan we’re talking about; there’ll definitely be a few. However, overcomplicating things and failing to

google doc template

Free Business Plan Templates Google Docs

We know you—this may be your first visit to our site, but we know exactly who you are. You must be an aspiring entrepreneur, small business owner, or perhaps a business student looking for a customizable Google Docs business plan

Business Plan Templates for Excel

Free Business Plan Template for Excel

With 1 in 8 people using Excel, I’d be hard-pressed to believe that anyone has never used it at some point in life. While we have all used it at least once—be it for school homework, college assignments, or travel


Startup Costs Worksheet

Use this Worksheet to calculate the startup costs for your small business so you can estimate profits, attract investors and request for funding.


Cashflow Calculator

Use this simple cash flow calculator to know where you are spending your money, how much cash is available for those vital day-to-day obligations.


A SMART Goal Template

Use this template to clarify what goals you want to achieve, the measures taken for the same, and what purpose will be fulfilled if you achieve those goals.


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