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15 Days Money Back

You have a great business idea but are unsure about its feasibility...

Is there a market for an idea?

Evaluate if a real demand exists for your idea—analyze market trends to verify customer sustainability for your business.

How will you make money? Is it profitable?

To determine your business model’s profitability, outline potential revenue paths and compare them to projected expenses.

Who’s the competition?

Understand your market position by analyzing competitors to fine-tune your business’s unique value proposition.

How much does it cost to build a business?

Analyze startup costs to determine how much initial investment you will need for laying the foundation for your business.

Four key steps to check the feasibility of your business idea

Create a single page plan​


Create a single-page plan

Get your business idea out of your head and onto a single page. It’s all about staying agile and getting early validation. The first step is to start with a one-page business plan canvas instead of a heavy, traditional business plan.

Quickly capture the essence of the business idea by:

  1. Define problem & solutions
  2. Describe target market
  3. Describe potential customers
  4. List marketing & sales channels
  5. List revenue streams
  6. List associated costs

A quick plan is a bird’s-eye view of your business viability—Preparing a one-page business plan helps you visualize how your business idea will execute.


Engage with your audience & collect feedback

It’s time to talk to your potential customers. Find out what potential customers are interested in, take notes, and record every valuable insight.

Here’s your checklist for effective feedback:

  1. Leverage the power of your network.
  2. Host brainstorming sessions.
  3. Request honest input from your target demographic.

Constructive feedback can guide your business idea towards market realities. It’s a reality check that refines your idea against real-world expectations and demands.

Engage with your audience & collect feedback​
Analyze Feedback​


Analyze Feedback

Time to make sense of what you’ve heard about your idea. Take a look at the feedback you have collected. It’s your reality check before moving forward.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does it align with what you plan?
  2. Did you find anything unexpected?
  3. Is the feedback raising any new questions?

As you work your way through this step, patterns in feedback will emerge, showing you whether there’s a real demand for what you’re offering.


Perfect Your Plan

It’s time to fine-tune your one-page plan with the insights you’ve gained. You’re on track if the feedback matches your plan. Otherwise, it’s time for some smart adjustments before launch.

Think about revising:

  1. Your marketing plan
  2. Your target customers
  3. Your pricing strategies

This is how you’ll confirm the viability of your idea. Not quite there yet? Use what you’ve learned to improve your plan and revisit your growth strategy.

Perfect Your Plan​

Validate your idea and kickstart your business success

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Frequently Asked Questions

With tools like the one-page business plan canvas, Upmetrics helps you visualize and consolidate your ideas. Additionally, you can create detailed financial projections to assess the financial viability of your idea, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your business strategy.
As has been said in the previous answer, Upmetrics facilitates the creation of comprehensive financial projections spanning 3 to 7 years. This includes calculating your breakeven point, estimating startup costs, and forecasting potential revenue, thus providing a robust analysis of the financial feasibility of your business idea.
Upmetrics enables you to invite potential customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and mentors to review your business model. You can share your business model directly through the platform and collect feedback that is invaluable for refining and enhancing your business strategy.

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