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Practical Business Planning Education for Your Classroom

Provide your students with hands-on experience in creating detailed, realistic business plans, fostering their understanding of the entrepreneurial journey from ideation to market.
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Deliver interactive learning experiences to future entrepreneurs

Real-world business planning ​

Real-world business planning

Bridge theory and practice by integrating real-world business plan development into your curriculum. Plan businesses around industry realities.
Enhance educational efficiency​

Enhance educational efficiency

Shift focus from administrative tasks to interactive teaching. Manage all your assignments in a single space, freeing up time for direct student engagement and personalized instruction.
Designed for classroom collaboration ​

Designed for classroom collaboration

With Upmetrics, you can connect with students remotely, support collaborative group projects, and nurture a community of future innovators and business leaders.

Impress your students with the platform purposely built for education

Get every tool and templates​

Get every tool and templates

Unlock a full suite of planning resources for your curriculum. Guide students through every stage—from crisp pitch decks to comprehensive business plans with robust financials—ready for real-world challenges.

Teach strategic frameworks like the Business Model Canvas, ValueProp Canvas, etc. Our dynamic templates provide the foundation for innovative thinking and practical application in the entrepreneurial journey.

All Students, One Platform

Orchestrate class projects easily by assigning each student a distinct workspace for business planning. Maintain organization and facilitate individual learning in a central, accessible location.

Foster a collaborative environment by connecting students with mentors and advisors within their workspace. Our platform encourages interactive group projects, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

All Students, One Platform
Fast and accurate financial projections ​

Fast and accurate financial projections

Empower students with strategic thinking with financial tools designed for clarity, not complexity. Encourage focus on core financial concepts without the tedium of manual calculations.

Teach the essence of business strategy without getting tangled in Excel & Word. Upmetrics enables them to build a realistic business plan with accurate financial projections, scenario planning, etc.

AI-assistant, Built-in help, and examples

Upmetrics’ AI assistant serves as a virtual co-educator, guiding students through business plan sections and answering their critical queries, ensuring a thorough understanding.

Adopt a focused, step-by-step educational journey with Upmetrics. Detailed instructions paired with relevant examples allow students to concentrate on one aspect at a time for deep learning.

AI-assistant, Built-in help, and examples​
Tailored assignments for your class ​

Tailored assignments for your class

Effortlessly design assignments with our template designer. Guide your students with custom structures that reflect your teaching approach, embedding your processes into every lesson.

Creating reusable templates that avoid redundancy. This approach ensures each student benefits from a customized learning experience, tailored to your teaching methods.

What other educators have to say about us

"We use Upmetrics to train organizations how to write their business plans. The software is easy to use, and the tutorials are helpful in guiding through the process for using the system."

Natache Muschette
CEO, The Prep Institute

"Upmetrics is the most comprehensive, complete, flexible, and easy-to-use tool ever used. After showing Upmetrics off to my peers and signing them up, it's safe to say that you've saved our class hundreds of hours."

Mathias Wassen
CEO at QPeople

"I like the the ability to capture feedback or pose questions to other users. One other feature that I found beneficial was the sample language used to clarify data that should be captured in each sections. Upmetrics is an easy to use tool."

Stephanie Foster
Senior Consultant and Educator

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