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Upmetrics Affiliate Program

Get 30% Recurring Commission on Every Customer You Refer

Become an Upmetrics affiliate and get paid for sharing the fastest-growing business plan software. Join for free.


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15-Day Money Back
15 Days Money Back

Why become an Upmetrics affiliate?

Upmetrics is a modern and easy-to-use business planning tool that helps entrepreneurs, consultants, and educators simplify business plan creation. With multiple solutions and use cases, Upmetrics is a renowned solution in the market. You can promote Upmetrics among different groups and earn a 30% recurring revenue for up to one year. More reasons to join Upmetrics include:

30% Recurring Commissions

Earn a 30% monthly recurring commission on each customer you refer to Upmetrics. No minimum commitments or signup fees.

90-Day Cookie Duration

We provide you with a fair chance to get a commission on each sale that you influence through your unique referral links.


Promotion Simplified

We help you with various creative banners and promotional content, reducing your promotional efforts. Less effort, more leads.


Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated team that manages our affiliate program. Our team is here to assist whenever you get stuck.


Incentive Opportunities

You will receive an additional performance bonus, as well as the opportunity to win challenges and extra incentives.


Get Paid Via Paypal

Secure payments securely and hassle-free via Paypal. Easy fund management and transparent transaction history.


How to Get Started


Join Upmetrics’ Affiliate Program

Becoming an Upmetrics affiliate enables you to earn a generous 30% recurring commission for every customer you refer to Upmetrics. No signup fee exists, so you don’t need to make an initial payment to join.


Recommend and Promote Upmetrics

Sign in to the Upmetrics dashboard and navigate to the affiliate page. And, get access to various marketing materials and an affiliate link so you can promote Upmetrics across multiple platforms.


Track Rewards and Earnings

Tracking rewards and referral earnings is super easy with Upmetrics. Head to the affiliate page within the dashboard. You can access the complete list of referrals and the commission earned through each transaction.

Provide Branded Business Planning Experience with White Labels

Expand your offerings with our white-labeled business planning solutions. Provide top-tier planning experience under your brand name, creating a unified and personalized user experience.

  • Co-branding with Upmetrics (eligible users)
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Dedicated customer support

Get paid for helping others create better business plans.

Earn a 30% recurring commission for every customer who creates a business plan using Upmetrics, from your referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will earn a 30% referral commission on each customer you refer to Upmetrics. This commission is recurring, so you will receive a monthly payment until the referred user becomes an active Upmetrics subscriber. The earned referral commission will be reversed if a customer opts for a refund. We can change this standard rate for any affiliate while setting up a deal with an affiliate partner. Furthermore, we also hold the right to change this standard commission or stop this program at any time.

Your referred customer is assigned a cookie following your affiliate link. Please note that the referred customer must sign up using the same browser they followed the link on, where the cookie still exists. The default cookie life for the referral link is 90 days, but we can change it to any value.

If visitors sign up within 30 days after the first visit following a referral link, their sales will be tracked as affiliate sales, and commissions/rewards will be attributed. Once the customer signs up, your attribution is locked in, and any future payments they make will be credited to you.

There is no limit on the number of people you can refer to Upmetrics. You can refer Upmetrics to your friends, colleagues, users, and existing customers or promote it on social media.

You can write product reviews and keep updating posts with up-to-date screenshots, videos, pricing information, or banner ads. Since there is no maximum commission limit, promote as much as you can and earn as much as you can.

Since we can only transfer payouts above $50, you need to have referred at least five customers to get paid. Your referral amount transactions will be listed on the affiliate page of your Upmetrics account.

We usually process payouts in the first week of every month. However, we have a money-back guarantee program running. Because of that, your current month’s referral amount will be added to your payout in the first week of the next to next month. Your January referral amount will be transferred to you in the first week of March.

In exceptional cases, we can process a refund anytime, even after 3-4 months. Your debt amount will be deducted from new referral transactions in those cases. You’ll be paid via PayPal.

Not at all! The Upmetrics affiliate program is completely free and that makes it an awesome opportunity.