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Everything To Convert A Great Business Idea Into A Reality Upmetrics Template
Easy to follow detailed instructions
400+ samples and examples at every step
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Built-in financial formulas
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Easy to work with team
Business plan versions
Easy long-term forecasting options
Automatic charts and graphs
Secure online sharing
Pitch infographic
Visual Elements
Financial tracking
Multiple users per account
Impresive cover page options
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imad_ahmed testimonial

Imad Ahmed

Founder, CEO & Lead Scientist at Nanolyse Technologies

After trying Upmetrics, I wish to highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to write a business plan flexibly and to a high standard.


Jason Lorje

CEO at Agmondo

Having complete control over the numbers and the business plan has been instrumental in being able to raise funds from investors. Being able to go online and pull up the numbers directly in front of investors really impresses them. A great product that keeps getting better.


Plan, fund, and grow your business.

Business Plan Builder

With our AI-powered business plan builder, Business planning is made easy, simpler, and faster!

Financial Forecasting

Forecast cash flow, explore profitability and test your assumptions in detailed reports.

Pitch Deck Creator

Perfect business pitch does not exists. They’re made! Structure your idea and write stunning pitch deck.

Upmetrics AI Assistant

Write your business plan with Upmetrics AI Assistant in one click—auto-write, rewrite, shorten-expand, or even change the tone of it.

Business Models

Bringing planning and collaboration to the next level with one-page business models.

400+ Sample Business Plans

To help you get started with your writing, We have created a library of sample business plans for almost every industry.

Stunning Cover Pages

Upmetrics comes with a beautifully designed professional business plan cover pages. Choose professional, creative cover page to make your business plan stand out.

Share With Pride

Quickly share your business plan with investors, banks and lenders. Export it to doc or pdf format.

Real-time & Collaborative

Invite your team members to initiate conversations, discuss inputs in real-time, and share respective feedback.

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