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Qpeople supports over 100 entrepreneurs annually in preparing business plans and securing funding with Upmetrics.

Discover how Mathias Wassen and the Qpeople team utilize Upmetrics to help hundreds of start-ups and small businesses with business advice, development, innovation, and planning.
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Åkersberga, Sweden
Business Consultant

Company Overview

Qpeople is a business development consultancy supporting startups and small businesses in Sweden. Mathias Wassen and his consulting team are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with business advice, development, and innovation and help raise funds.

They offer tailored services, including business advisory, interim assignments, sales and market strategy development, and digitalization. Qpeople collaborates with various regional programs to provide free advisory hours and workshops, such as Starta Eget Stockholm and Timbanken Värmland.

Their values reflect a strong commitment to sustainable, profitable, and innovative business practices, coming from extensive cross-industry experience.

Key features used: Business plan builder, financial management, collaboration and sharing.

The Challenge

Supporting hundreds of small business and startup owners with business plans, development, and innovation and documenting results in a structured way required a reliable solution.

“As a company focused on development and innovation with around a hundred clients annually, we faced a significant challenge in documenting our processes and outcomes in a structured yet flexible manner,” says Mathias Wassen, founder and CEO of Qpeople.
Qpeople Challenge

Their goal was to enable their clients to record and access the results of their collaborative efforts. They struggled to do so as no existing system on the market could offer a satisfactory, comprehensive, and affordable solution.

Mathias also mentioned how their struggle to find an ideal solution led to an exhaustive search across the internet and even the thought of developing their own digital platform.

Mathias and the consultants at Qpeople desperately needed a solution to help them manage all clients’ business plans, streamline processes, and document outcomes, and Upmetrics proved to be just the tool.

Trying to keep track of everything we did for our clients was really tough. There was nothing out there that did what we needed at a price we could afford, so we almost had to make our own system.
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Mathias Wassen
Founder and CEO,

The Solution

Upmetrics provided a collaborative platform and customizable tools to streamline their planning processes. The work of developing strategies and business plans became faster and easier using Upmetrics.

Mathias’ exhaustive search for a digital platform with advanced capabilities and competitive pricing that could meet our unique needs led him to Upmetrics; the rest, as they say, is history.
Qpeople Solution
When asked why they chose Upmetrics, Mathias answered, “We chose Upmetrics for its powerful, customizable tools that streamlined our business planning processes.” “The ease of use of the platform stands out, which is a rare sight among the tools in the same category,” Mathias added.

Upmetrics is the easiest tool; no learning curve at all

The ease of use of the platform was a factor Mathias’s team just couldn’t ignore. As they manage dozens of clients annually, they needed a tool that was simple enough to facilitate quick onboarding and simplify business plan creation, reducing the need for consistent back-and-forth interactions among consultants.

Upmetrics provided a guided business plan builder featuring customizable templates and drag-and-drop functionality, which made business plan creation quick and easier for their clients.

Qpeople has worked with many business strategy development planning tools. However, what sets Upmetrics apart for them as business consultants is the feature for designing customized business plan templates for their clients.

Talking about this feature, Mathias said, “Once we designed a business plan template for our clients. After showing Upmetrics off to my peers and signing them up, it’s safe to say that we have saved the class hundreds of hours.”

“The real-time collaboration feature was a game-changer, enabling our consultants and clients to work together seamlessly. It helped our consultants be more productive and helped us ensure all stakeholders were aligned,” quoted Mathias when asked what he liked the most about Upmetrics.

Business model templates simplify strategic planning

Mathias was one of the early users of our strategic planning feature. In fact, they approached us to add this feature. Regarding his experience using strategic planning templates, Mathias says, “Upmetrics’ strategic planning tool is powerful with various model templates.”

“We recently had a request to get in the value proposition canvas, which we communicated to Upmetrics. They replied then, of course, we will arrange it. I think it took three days to find a working template, ” Mathias added.

Upmetrics’ strategic planning tool has been critical to Qpeople’s business development and innovation practices, helping entrepreneurs allocate resources and increasing operational efficiency.

Top-notch customer support makes it a win-win

“I would also like to praise Upmetrics support, which responds quickly with solutions and is responsive to questions that arise and new ideas for product development,” Mathias stated, highlighting Upmetrics’ exceptional support.

Upmetrics’ support team is dedicated to providing timely solutions to any issues that arise, ensuring that users can continue their work with minimal disruption. As Mathias mentioned in his own words, Upmetrics’ exceptional support makes it a win-win for their consultants as well as clients.

The ease of use of Upmetrics stood out; it allowed our team and clients to start working without prior training. It was contrasting to many other platforms that required significant time and effort to learn and get used to it.
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Mathias Wassen
Founder and CEO,

The Impact

Upmetrics enabled Mathias and Qpeople consultants to streamline their business operations and enhance client collaboration, efficiently supporting over 100 entrepreneurs yearly.

Onboarding Upmetrics has positively transformed Qpeople’s approach to business planning and strategy development, significantly streamlining business operations and processes.
Qpeople Impact

Mathias was very optimistic with his answer when I asked about the impact of Upmetrics. “The results of using it are very clear. Work of developing strategies and business plans goes faster and becomes easier,” said Mathias in a positive response.

“Follow-up becomes much easier for us as everything is documented directly and easy to change as we work according to the Lean principle. In addition, the client feels that we have the latest tools available,” He further described.

Mathias considers partnering with Upmetrics for business planning a pivotal decision in Qpeople and their clients’ success stories. We casually asked if he’d recommend Upmetrics for other enterprises alike and this is what he said,

“Of course. I can surely recommend Upmetrics who want to develop other companies professionally or even companies that want to work independently with their development. My advice is to take a trial and evaluate, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised and get a more profitable business.”

Upmetrics not only helped manage our clients' business plans effectively but also helped foster an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. The results were clear: faster development of strategies and business plans, more efficient follow-ups, and a more engaged and satisfied client base.
mathias thumb
Mathias Wassen
Founder and CEO,

Upmetrics for business consultants and advisors

Upmetrics played a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and client collaboration at Qpeople. Mathias views Upmetrics as an indispensable suite of tools that significantly improved their ability to serve their clients.

Business consultants and advisors heavily rely on business planning tools like Upmetrics to assist their clients in effectively developing and documenting their strategies.

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