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Riya Shah

Staff Writer at Upmetrics

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Riya Shah is a highly skilled and experienced writer with 4+ years of expertise in social media, technical, business, and content writing. Currently, she works at Upmetrics as a content writer, sharing insightful advice on business planning through her exceptional writing skills.

Riya is a year 2019 commerce graduate pursuing her master’s in the same field for professional growth. Following a brief stint as a social media copywriter, she established herself as a professional content writer.

Before joining Upmetrics, Riya has written content across industries, including business, technology, and healthcare on various topics.

The knowledge and expertise gained from years of experience help her create well-curated and engaging content on topics related to business planning for her audience.

She is constantly updated on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies allowing her to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to her content.

Connect with Riya on social media or follow the Upmetrics blog to explore her latest articles on market analysis, business & financial planning, and more.