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Tips and guidance to help entrepreneurs plan a better, smarter business

By Vinay Kevadia

Why regularly updating a business plan should be a part of your growth strategy?

Learn the importance of regularly updating your business plan to avoid unknown surprises in your business journey. To grow your business and achieve your business goals it is a must to update your business plan.

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Simple business plan template for your lean startup

Are you looking for a simple business plan template? Lean Canvas’ 9 building blocks help you to plot your business plan very quickly and easily, Try this template with our online business plan software.

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Free Business Plan Software: Do You Really Need it?

Perfect explanation about whether or not you need a free business plan software or template in order to accomplish your business goals.

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How to use : The Business Model Canvas explained in 7 steps

The Business Model Canvas’s nine building blocks and the interrelationships between them provides a way to show the key elements of any business model. Get on board to collaborate with your team on the living Business Model Canvas template.

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