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How an improved business planning process led to increased customer satisfaction at Manninvest

Discover how David Butterworth overcame client and business plan management challenges using Upmetrics. Learn how the platform’s collaborative planning and forecasting features decreased project turnaround times and significantly improved client satisfaction.
Manninvest Business Consultant
Isle of Man
Business Consultant

Company Overview

David Butterworth is a seasoned consultant and founder/CEO of  Manninvest, an immigration and business consulting firm providing immigration, business strategy, development, and executive management services.

Manninvest primarily serves industries involved in private equity, start-ups, scale-ups, and organizations requiring business restructuring and growth strategies, both locally and internationally. Manninvest has been helping to grow the Island’s population for almost a decade by providing support throughout the immigration process.

David’s role at Manninvest involves guiding clients through complex immigration processes and advising on business-related matters to facilitate successful relocations to the Isle of Man.

Key features used: Business plan builder, financial forecasting, collaborative workspaces.

The Challenge

The Manninvest team needed a solution to streamline the complex planning process, perform more accurate financial forecasts, enhance team collaboration, and ensure overall efficiency in their operations.

Manninvest, a leading Isle of Man, based immigration and business consulting firm, found itself posed with significant challenges in its operations and business planning processes.
Mmanninvest The Challenge

“Our clients and consultants found the complex business planning process demanding; it was time-consuming and required expertise and teamwork,” said David Butterworth, founder and CEO of Manninvest. Although, it wasn’t David’s only concern.

David further goes on to say, “Helping clients with immigration and starting a business from the initial stages involves helping them create business models, business plans, as well as measuring impact if we are to discuss nonprofits, and managing it all was challenging for sure.”

David and the Manninvest consultants have a great deal of experience advising individuals and entrepreneurs on all aspects of immigration and business planning, having done so for nearly a decade. However, as the business expanded and clientele grew, managing clients and their business plans became increasingly challenging.

Most of their clients include first-time entrepreneurs with less to no business planning experience, so business and financial plan creation for them was time-consuming and required timely expert assistance.

To effectively assist entrepreneurs, Manninvest’s consulting team required a reliable platform with collaborative workspaces.

As Manninvest served both the private and nonprofit sectors, nonprofit clients needed help with impact measurement and data analysis, which was doable but challenging without a reliable tool.

All these challenges led to the following consequences:

  • The complex business planning process required additional time and resources.
  • Financial projections needed to be more precise to better support strategic decisions and investor confidence.
  • Unorganized operations led to slow responses to market opportunities.
  • The absence of collaborative tools impacted teamwork and communication.


They desperately needed a tool that could help them effectively address all these issues.

Clients and I faced challenges such as complex business planning, which was time-consuming and required expertise. Accurate financial projections needed a reliable solution. Collaborative workspaces were needed for real-time teamwork. Creating professional pitch decks was challenging. Upmetrics addressed all these issues effectively.​
David Butterworth
Chief Executive Officer,

The Solution

Upmetrics helped team Manninvest streamline business-financial planning and pitch deck creation with its collaborative workspaces. The guided plan builder ensures ease of use, while AI capabilities handle the writing part well.

David was in search of an efficient, cost-effective, and all-in-one solution for their requirements when he came across Upmetrics.
Manninvest The Solution

He says he discovered Upmetrics through industry research. The features that got him initially interested were: a user-friendly business plan builder, real-time collaboration, and dynamic business model evolution.

Let’s have a look at the features that David, his consultants, and clients use very frequently:

Guided, drag-and-drop business plan builder

Creating a business plan is an essential step in the Isle of Man’s business immigration process. While David’s team assists and facilitates visa applications, company incorporation, and review of business plans along with other necessities, creating a business plan from scratch was a hassle for clients.

Upmetrics’ guided, drag-and-drop builder and 400+ industry-specific templates simplify business planning for new entrepreneurs.

Consultants were able to create a custom template for clients and add specific help notes for various sections. The launch of AI assistant further reduced the time spent writing and customizing sections.

Collaborative workspaces and enhanced teamwork

Upmetrics’ collaborative workspace includes a business plan builder, financial forecasting tool, pitch deck creator, strategic planning canvases, and a pinboard.

Manninvest consultants would simply create and share workspaces with team members and clients, which increased team collaboration, reduced back-and-forth follow-ups, and helped them ensure everyone was on the same page.

Accurate financial forecasting was a huge challenge for clients.

Upmetrics significantly improved processes which resulted in more accurate and realistic forecasts.Consultants could leave suggestions or feedback, and team members or clients would take action, keeping everyone in the loop.

Investor pitch deck creation simplified

Establishing and operating a new business in a new country requires significant funds, making investor pitches a crucial step for entrepreneurs. While keeping up with other processes, entrepreneurs would struggle to find time to create a compelling pitch deck. Using PowerPoint and other graphic design tools required spending enough time and a good peace of mind.

Upmetrics’ AI-powered pitch deck creator helped beat the hassle. Since it’s part of the workspace, entrepreneurs and consultants could easily generate pitch decks using the information from the created business plan, saving a lot of time and effort.

I remember one of our clients needed funding for a start-up but struggled with creating a professional business plan and pitch deck. They lacked expertise in financial projections and structuring presentations. They used Upmetrics to develop a business plan, financial projections, and an investor pitch deck; it helped them secure funds.
David Butterworth
Chief Executive Officer,

The Impact

Upmetrics has been an invaluable addition to our operations. David’s team is now past the challenges of manual planning, significantly reducing project turnaround time, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving overall efficiency.

Manninvest team streamlined their day-to-day business operations after introducing Upmetrics’ business planning solution. With the incorporation of Upmetrics, David’s team experienced an impressive movement in their efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales numbers.
Manninvest The Impact

The automation and optimization of the business planning process resulted in a significant reduction in project turnaround time and enhanced customer satisfaction.

While operational efficiencies and time-saving were the most noticeable outcomes, improvement in financial planning accuracy saved Manninvest consultants several hours of back-and-forth sessions with clients.

We asked David how he envisions Upmetrics continuing to play a role in your Manninvest’s success moving forward, and he said,

“I foresee Upmetrics continuing to play a crucial role in my consultancy services by further streamlining business planning and financial modeling processes. Its user-friendly interface and accurate projections will enhance client satisfaction, enabling quicker, more professional outputs.”

Today, Manninvest relies on Upmetrics as an imperative tool in its day-to-day operations. Upmetrics’ simplicity and ease of use combined with its advanced AI-powered capabilities have helped their team to be more efficient and deliver better results to clients.

Clients have provided positive feedback regarding the business plans and financial models developed using Upmetrics. They appreciate the user-friendly interface, the accuracy of financial projections, and the professional quality of business plans and pitch decks.
David Butterworth
Chief Executive Officer,

Upmetrics for business consultants and advisors

Upmetrics has been a game-changer in streamlining business planning and financial forecasting in Manninvest’s success story. David considers Upmetrics to be a user-friendly suite of tools that helped them be more efficient and productive. He strongly recommends it to peer consultants looking to improve their service delivery.

Business consultants and advisors heavily rely on business planning software and tools like Upmetrics to help their clients plan their ideas.

As we did our part in Manninvest’s story, we can do it in yours, too. Are you a business advisor or consultant looking for a one-stop business planning solution for your agency? Look no further; check out Upmetrics’ solutions for business consultants and advisors.


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