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Prep Institute helped multiple nonprofits raise over $500,000 with Upmetrics’ help and support

Discover how Prep Institute helps over 15 nonprofits every year create business plans, streamline social solution implementations, and win pitch competitions using Upmetrics’ customizable and collaborative tools.
San Diego, California, United States
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Company Overview

The Prep Institute is a social solutions incubator helping nonprofit organizations and social investors implement disruptive and preventative solutions to address social problems. They offer 3-year incubation services that help them address social issues in disadvantaged communities.

The Institute also supports under-resourced communities by distributing proven social solutions through its network, making finding and implementing solutions easier.

The primary goal of the Prep Institute is to help resource-constrained communities serve more people easily and quickly.

Key features used: Business plan builder, Shared client accounts, Grant proposal writing.

The Challenge

To support 15+ nonprofit organizations each year, they needed a platform that not only provides necessary planning and customization features but also streamlines collaboration among multiple consultants and clients.

The Prep Institute helps nonprofit clients create and shape business plans. As they work with multiple clients with distinct business models and requirements, business planning needs for each client are different.

As we talked to Natache Muschette, CEO of the Prep Institute, about their challenges, she mentioned that although they had consultants to help their clients refine plans, the back-and-forth planning and reviewing process was tedious and time-consuming.

They needed a one-stop business planning platform that could be easily customized based on each organization’s needs while helping their consultants collaborate and contribute their input. It was only possible with a reliable business plan solution.

They needed a tool to help them:

  • Manage 15+ clients and their plans in one place.
  • Create business plans, model canvases, pitch decks, and more.
  • Customize plans based on client requirements.
  • Enable collaboration among consultants and stakeholders in planning.

The Prep Institute understood the importance of collaboration and teamwork. They were actively looking to overcome the absence of an online business planning tool, and Upmetrics came off as the perfect solution.

We had business plan consultants to help clients fine-tune their plans, but the back-and-forth planning, review, and feedback process didn’t seem to be working well.
Natache Muschette
Chief Executive Officer,
The Prep Institute

The Solution

Upmetrics provided a platform for their clients and consultants to easily collaborate and create better business plans, pitch decks, and grant proposals, fostering an environment for quick growth & feedback.

Natache was searching for an online business planning solution to streamline planning for their clients at the Prep Institute. She discovered Upmetrics after a few Google searches, which completely transformed how they planned and operated.

The Solution_

“We looked at a few business planning tools online and found Upmetrics to be a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable solution”, says Natache. She also mentioned how they required help with business modeling, planning, pitching, and forecasting, and Upmetrics was like a one-stop shop for business planning.

Enhanced client collaboration and streamlined processes

Before adopting Upmetrics, Prep Institute relied on standard business plan templates and manual plan writing and reviewing processes, which were burdensome, tiring, and time-consuming.

Switching to Upmetrics helped Natache and the team manage all their nonprofit clients in one place instead. Organizations could work on business plans collaboratively with business consultants, which helped streamline the old-school back-and-forth reviewing and editing process.

“We could modify the heading titles, which was important for including specific information depending on the investors’ request; that was pretty cool,” Natache said during the interview.

She further mentioned how sharing plans with various consultants was helping in establishing a team environment around one platform.

Upmetrics is our one-stop shop for business planning and nonprofit business development training and services. We love how intuitive it is now to customize our business plans.
Natache Muschette
Chief Executive Officer,
The Prep Institute

One-stop business planning solution for nonprofits

Upmetrics provided a streamlined and straightforward solution, offering all the necessary tools for nonprofit business development in one convenient place.

Most of their nonprofit clients required help creating business plans, model canvases, pitch decks, and grant proposals. Upmetrics had it all.

Here is how Upmetrics was the one-stop planning solution for the Prep Institute:

  • Customizable business plan template. Provided a planning template that could be tailored to distinct planning requirements.
  • Simplified pitch deck creation. It helped organizations win several pitch competitions and secure millions in funding.
  • Structured grant proposals. Using Upmetrics to write grant proposals helped customize the sections depending on the funders’ application.

Besides all these features, we stood out with our excellent customer support. “Team Upmetrics provided outstanding customer service. They were quick to establish accounts, provide training, answer questions, and resolve any concerns,” says Natache.

Impeccable customer support

Natache was very positive and glowing with praise when sharing her experience with our support executives. She says, “Shalini provides OUTSTANDING customer service, which created a relationship between my company and Upmetrics. She quickly set up a client account, provided training, and addressed questions and concerns, often within 24 hours.”

She also emphasized how it makes her feel that we are always there to help their team and clients whenever they need help.

What we loved the most about Upmetrics is that we found more templates and tools for nonprofit business development available than anywhere else. The best part is that templates could be customized and modified to suit the requirements of each of our clients.
Natache Muschette
Chief Executive Officer,
The Prep Institute

The Impact

Through a streamlined planning process, the Prep Institute raised over $500,000 for many of their nonprofit clients—they used Upmetrics for business planning–modeling, pitch deck creation, and grant proposal writing.

Adopting Upmetrics turned out to be one of Natache’s best business decisions. It not only streamlined processes but also helped many nonprofits and under-resourced communities fight against the norms with the Prep Institute and team.

The Challenge​

An important aspect of The Prep Institute was to secure grants and financial aid for their clients. Upmetrics helped nonprofit clients customize their business plans depending on the investor they were pitching.

Talking about the impact in numbers—Upmetrics helped the Prep Institute raise over $500,000 in funds for their clients.

In a nutshell, Upmetrics’ user-friendly interface and its comprehensive suite of business planning tools significantly contributed to Prep Institute’s client success.

I have one message for other business incubators and startup accelerators – Use Upmetrics and take the help of their OUTSTANDING customer service.
Natache Muschette
Chief Executive Officer,
The Prep Institute

Upmetrics for business incubators and accelerators

Incubators and accelerators like the Prep Institute heavily rely on planning solutions like Upmetrics for efficient client management. As Prep’s growth partner, we help them do the same. Being able to contribute to their clients’ success is a plus.

Are you a business incubator or a startup accelerator looking for a planning solution? Natache has something to say: “I have one message for other business incubators and startup accelerators—use Upmetrics and take the help of their OUTSTANDING customer service.”

Explore Upmetrics’ solutions for incubators and accelerators for more information.


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