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Live Up To Your Client's Expectations!

Enhance the experience of your clients, and provide them with an investment-ready business plan according to their business structure.

Upmetrics makes sure you can help entrepreneurs with a thorough understanding of every aspect of business planning. Cater to them with the proper insights to help their business grow and expand swiftly.

Develop – Personalize – Collaborate Business Plans With Upmetrics

Planning & Forecasting Tools Of Upmetrics Will Make Your Consulting And Advising Process Easy!

Save A Lot Of Time Of Your Clients

Planning from scratch becomes a bit lengthy! Especially; when you handle various clients per day. Save a lot of productive hours of yours and your clients’ by using Upmetrics for precise business planning!

Apt Financial Forecasting

Apt Financial Forecasting

Give your clients accurate financial forecasts with visual finance reports and graphs. We have automatic finance calculators that save you time, effort, and resources.

Pitch-Ready Business Plan

Pitch-Ready Business Plan

Create a complete business plan that is pitch-ready using business plan templates from Upmetrics. We have 200+ sample business plan templates for various business categories. With Upmetrics, you can make it easy for your clients to get funds or required investment.

Get & Give Real-Time Feedback

Upmetrics makes writing a business plan enjoyable, simple, and convenient to collaborate, which is why real-time feedback is available to receive immediate feedback while writing it.

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Easy-To-Use-Tool That Fits Naturally Into Your Advising & Consulting Process

Do Financial Planning And Forecasting With Ease

Do financial planning and forecasting with ease

It might be overwhelming to be a consultant or advisor. Too much information and too many calculations, isn’t it?

Stop navigating challenging spreadsheets and assist in monitoring the financial planning and forecasting for your clients with automatic financial calculators from Upmetrics.

Do not miss out on any detail and help your client scale their business with practical projections.


Help your clients get funding with investment-ready pitch

Getting funding is one of the most influential concerns of clients, and with the help of a pitch creator tool from Upmetrics assists them in creating an exceptional pitch.

Make it easy for your clients to get the funding they want for their business with the help of Upmetrics.

Help Your Clients Get Funding With Investment-Ready Pitch
Build Long Term Relationships With Your Clients

Build long term relationships with your clients

If you provide a personalized business plan and business pitch to your clients. Also, if you are catering to them with various business guides, and training to solve their business problems, then that will impact your relationship positively.

With the help of our automatic calculator, various sample business plan templates, e-guides, and resources, you’ll increase your customer retention rate by 30% or more.

Create and collaborate your workspace to enhance the planning process

Your entrepreneurs can also strategically plan, brainstorm, and produce business plans and canvas models with Upmetrics.

Your founders may even develop and contribute ideas with other members of their team. While your business can help share the workspace you created for immediate feedback without any data loss.

Create And Collaborate Your Workspace To Ehnace The Planning Process

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“Having complete control over our business plan has been instrumental in being able to raise funds from investors. Upmetrics is an invaluable product that keeps getting better.”

Jason Lorje
Founder & CEO Agmondo

“Upmetrics simplifies the heavy lifting for planning for business plans. It comes with 200+ sample templates, helpful tips, and detailed documentation. The only tool you ever need!”

Aizat Hawari
Founder Praxis Sdn. Phd

“I've tried most apps including LivePlan, Bizplan, and Cuttles, and found them all missing something critical. If you are a serious entrepreneur, Upmterics is the only app you need."

Imad Ahmed
Founder Nanolyse Technologies

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