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Ajay Jagtap

Staff Writer at Upmetrics

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Ajay is a SaaS writer and personal finance blogger who has been active in the space for over three years, writing about startups, business planning, budgeting, credit cards, and other topics related to personal finance.

While working at Upmetrics as a Content Lead, Ajay creates content around topics related to startup and growth, financial projections, ChatGPT for business planning, market research, and planning software.

Ajay is a year 2021 science graduate pursuing his master’s in business management to understand the domain better. He started off as a freelance content writer and worked for clients across industries, including SaaS, IT, e-commerce, and healthcare in India and worldwide.

He has a strong understanding of various business planning concepts, including market trends, operations, and competitor analysis. Staying updated on market trends and technological advancements help him bring new perspectives to his content.

Connect with Ajay on social media or follow the Upmetrics blog to explore his latest articles on business planning and starting or growing a business.