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Paid vs free Business Plan Software?

Business Plan Template

Free Business Plan Template

March 23, 2019

4 Min Read

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Writing a business plan?

There are tons of free business plan software out there.

Sooner or later there will always be a cost for “Free Stuff” – Will Leamon

Let’s go with the free business plan software if it answers all these questions:

Does it Perfectly Guide Your Journey in Writing a Business Plan?

writing-a-business-plan - a free business plan software

The free business planning tool will give you direction and means to create a business plan, but if you’re new to the business world, it might be a disadvantage not to have your business plan devised or reviewed by a small business expert.

The first step in formulating your plan is brainstorming how you’ll approach each component of your business. To get started you need perfectly written industry-standard business plan templates.

A business plan template must be a perfect framework around your business idea, which should help you to keep moving step by step.

Instead of a generic business plan template by your free resource, Why not have a specific business plan template that matches your business idea? As yourself.

How about the Security and Availability of Your Free Business Plan Software?

How confidential is your idea for your business? Most entrepreneurs are worried about not being stolen their idea or business plan

Idea theft is an ongoing concern for many of these business owners.

When you are using the free cloud-based business planning software, don’t forget to check their availability, Otherwise what would happen is, You are going to start pitching your investors and you won’t be able to access your business plan temporarily.

Do You Have a Very Short Time Span?

short-time-span : write business plan

Learning curve: When you are a beginner in business planning, You might have to spend a long time learning how to put things in your boxes.

Try and Catch: would never recommend the try and catch method when you have a short deadline.

When Excel is not your stuff: You don’t have to be an accountant to project your financials, Is your software providing automated financial projections?

Do you know how to write a one-page business plan? Try canvas modeling.

How Professional Are You?


Is your free business plan software providing a professional experience?

Does it have a good-looking theme? that impress investors to look at how serious you are.

Your professional commitment to writing a business plan is a sign of how serious are you about your dreams and idea to build a successful venture.

Looking for professional business plan software, Get 15 days of the money-back guarantee.

What Do You Want to Achieve With Your Business Plan?

Secure Funding: Accurate Financial projections are the most important aspect when you are going to pitch the investors and banks. It must be projected in a standard format so you don’t have to face question bombarding from your investors.

Strategic Planning: It won’t finish with your first draft, Planning means continuous change. How easy it is to change your business plan with your free business plan software?

Ideation: Brainstorming is an essential part of building business plans, Test your idea with a business model canvas, Share it with your colleagues, and get feedback.

Do your free business plan tools answer all the above questions? I would be happy for you to have great stuff because one also said:

I’ll do anything for free stuff – Sandra Bullock

Now get back to the point, freebies might work fine in some conditions, however, it’s not the weapon of professional, serious, and growth-oriented professionals.

Frankly speaking, it is actually hard to find good free business plan software. But I would recommend the software that accomplishes all your goals and helps you to achieve and deliver the result you want.

Take your time, think about it! And decide what would make you a successful entrepreneur.

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