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Free Business Plan Generator

Easily Create a Customized Business Plan in Minutes with Our User-Friendly Business Plan Generator Tool
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Writing a business plan?

Do you still spend hours writing and creating a business plan? Not after today. Upmetrics’ free business plan generator simplifies writing a business plan and helps you create a comprehensive and compelling lean plan in seconds.

Sounds exciting? Let’s learn more about getting started with our free business plan generator and using it to draft your plan.

Using Upmetrics’ Free Business Plan Generator

Need help using the free business plan generator? Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a business plan using the free generator in no time.

Creating a business plan requires filling in 4 critical fields—company overview, marketing details, competitor information, and financial overview. Let’s start with the first.

1. Enter the Company Overview

Provide a company overview in approximately 3-4 sentences, including your business’s name, service offerings, USPs, mission, goals, and target market. Here’s an example for you:

2. Add Marketing Details

The next step—provide marketing details. Start by answering how your business plans to attract new customers and what you want to achieve with your business.

You may also include details about your marketing budget and preferred marketing channels. Here’s an example for your reference:

3. Enter Competitor Information

After adding the marketing details, provide the name of your primary competitor(s) and explain how you are distinct from your competitors.

Describe whether your offerings have any competitive advantages or differentiators. Here’s how it can be done:

4. Provide Financial Overview

Finally,—provide an overview of your business financials. Include what your startup costs are, what your financial strategy would be, and your first-year sales.

We are creating a lean business plan, so it may not require a detailed description of your business financials. Here’s an example for your understanding:

5. Click on Generate a Business Plan

You’ve filled in all the necessary fields. It’s time to click “Generate a Business Plan” and see it yourself.

Your lean business plan is ready; you may make a few changes and go ahead with it or choose an AI business plan generator for comprehensive planning.

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Business Plan Example that will Inspire You

We created this sample CycleWave business plan using Upmetrics’ free generator. Remember, it’s your first draft—you can always go back and re-generate or edit it later.

Upgrade to Make Comprehensive Plans in Minutes

Upmetrics’ free business plan generator is undoubtedly a better way to business plan. However, you may need an upgrade to create a comprehensive, investment-ready plan.

AI business plan builder like Upmetrics make business plan creation a breeze with their modern AI-powered features.

AI writing assistant helps you write, rewrite, edit, or translate sections of your plan, while the forecasting assistant provides revenue and expense stream suggestions for accurate projections.

You also get to access the massive library of 400+ sample business plans. So, all you need to do is export a template into the editor and start preparing your plan with AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The free business plan generator is a free-to-use version of Upmetrics’ business plan software. It uses AI-powered features to help users create a business plan. Since it can only create a lean business plan, you need Upmetrics’ advanced features for detailed planning.

Yes, Upmetrics’ free business plan generator is 100% free to use, but the features that come with it are also limited. So, you may consider getting a premium subscription for advanced business planning features.

You must fill in the necessary details to create a business plan using the free generator. The information required may include a company overview, marketing details, competitor information, and a financial overview.

Startups and small businesses starting up or operating on tight budgets should consider getting a free business planning tool to create a lean business plan.

No. As of now, there’s no limit to the number of business plans you can create using Upmetrics’ free business plan generator.

Using a sample business plan or template is one of the easiest ways to create your business plan. All you need to do is export a template into the editor and start preparing your plan with AI.

The Quickest Way to turn a Business Idea into a Business Plan

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