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What is the Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, nonprofit organization that provides business reviews and rating information on businesses in the United States and Canada. Its goal is to foster a fair and effective marketplace by encouraging trust between buyers and sellers. The BBB offers dispute resolution services and provides reviews on the reliability and performance of businesses based on a variety of factors.

BBB’s Standards of Trust

The BBB holds companies accountable to a set of Standards of Trust; these Standards are guidelines for trustworthiness, honesty, accuracy, transparency, fairness, and customer service. Companies that adhere to the Standard of Trust can be rated by the BBB with an A+ grade.

Why work with the BBB?

The BBB provides customers with important information about a company and helps to create trust between companies and their customers. Companies who have earned the BBB’s A+ rating enjoy many benefits, such as increased public confidence, increased customer retention, and recognition as a trustworthy source.

What does the BBB do?

The BBB’s mission is to create a world of trust, by setting standards for honesty, accuracy, and customer services, and by giving customers access to reliable information to help them make informed decisions. The BBB evaluates companies according to its own Standards of Trust, and it has the authority to take disciplinary action, including the revocation of the A+ rating, when companies do not meet its standards. The BBB also provides a forum for customers and businesses to resolve disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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