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What is a Business Name Checker?

A business name checker is an online tool that allows businesses to verify the availability of their desired business name. This step is crucial before starting a business, as it ensures the proposed name isn't already in use by another company. Many Secretary of State websites provide such tools.

The Use of a Business Name Checker

A business name checker is a software tool used to check whether a proposed business name is available for registration in a particular state or country. It avoids the headache of manual searching by running an automated search to see if the name is already in use. This helps protect business owners from trademark infringement and similar issues, resulting in a smoother, more cost-effective business start-up process.

How Business Name Checkers Work

Business name checkers rely on official state and country databases to generate accurate results. They use a powerful search engine to identify whether a particular name is in use, and provide business owners with related information that could help them decide on a name for their venture. They also highlight additional names with similar or identical spellings to avoid potential problems and duplication.

Advantages of Using a Business Name Checker

By using a business name checker, business owners can:

  • Save time – reduce the amount of time spent searching for names and doing paperwork
  • Get accurate results – check a name’s availability quickly and definitively
  • Make informed decisions – get information about similar or identical names for comparison
  • Protect your business – avoid unnecessary charges of trademark infringement

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