Multilingual Support

Make Upmetrics Write in Your Language


Languages have always been there, and so has the barrier! 

While it may not seem like a significant concern with English being the international language for communication, it’s a severe problem when contacting international VCs and angel investors asking for funding. 

Many angel investors and government institutions prefer business plans in their native language.

We understand you can’t keep writing and translating your plans into different languages just to please the investors, so we devised a solution.

The multilingual support—a new update in Upmetrics AI Assistant that helps you write and translate in multiple languages in one simple click.

Let’s learn more about this feature!

Write and translate your plan in multiple languages


Writing a business plan?

As you already know, Upmetrics AI writing assistant helps you write, rewrite, and improve sections of your business plan. 

But now, with multilingual support at your disposal, you can use all these features to write, rewrite, improve, or translate your business plan in 9+ international languages.

You may write or translate your plan in the following languages:

multilingual support feature

Furthermore, you may also use any currency symbol to display your financials. You don’t need to convert currencies—simply enter the amounts in your local currency.

The rest is already been taken care of!

Connecting with international partners & investors just got easier

When you have a business software that can write plans in 9+ languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, and Thai—you can easily reach out, connect, and partner with global investors and venture capitalists.

Drafting an international business plan just got easier with Upmetrics. Select the output language when using the writing assistant—and you have it. It’s as simple as that!

Upmetrics AI makes business planning a breeze

We are continuously working on our AI advancements to develop the latest solutions that could make business and financial planning more accurate and accessible for our users.

Note that the Upmetrics AI Assistant that was used to help forecast financials and write your business plan in English will now also be helping to write and translate your plan into multiple languages.

You can always contact us at Upmetrics Support for any further queries or assistance.

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