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15-Day Money Back
15 Days Money Back

Why Upmetrics?

Collaborative Planning

Team up for success. Our collaborative features allow you to work together with partners or advisors in real time, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Data-Driven Insights

Make informed decisions with our comprehensive data analysis tools. Get real-time financial forecasts to ensure your business strategy is backed by solid numbers.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate the planning process effortlessly. Our platform is designed for easy entry, making the creation of your business plan as straightforward as possible.

Exceptional Support on Demand

Whenever you need assistance, Our support team is ready to help. With direct access to our team any questions or hurdles you encounter are quickly resolved.


AI-Powered Business Planning

Turn your entrepreneurial ideas into a solid business plan with our AI Business Plan Generator.

No Writer’s Block: AI-Powered Content Generation

Say goodbye to the blank-page dilemma. Let our AI help you write, translate, and enhance each section of your plan.

Step-by-Step Guidance to Professional Planning

Navigate your business plan creation with clear instructions, examples, and templated sections. 

Collaborate and Share Effortlessly

Invite stakeholders to review and contribute directly to the platform. Keep everyone aligned with real-time updates and version control.

AI-Powered Business Plan Builder
by Victoria Broussard

It was such an easy platform to use and the AI made everything easy to complete with a professional tone. I needed a business plan quickly and Upmetrics was the first to help.

More than business plan software

Get started with Upmetrics today and experience the power of AI-driven business planning.


Financial Forecasting & Reporting

Effortlessly create detailed financial projections without the need for complex formulas, spreadsheets and number crunching.

Automatic Financials

Our automatic financials and AI-powered forecasting suggestions let you focus on strategy, not number crunching.

Dashboard and Reporting

Navigate your financial journey with an intuitive dashboard. Access essential reports to visualize your financial data with clarity and impact.

Financial Charts and Graphs

Enhance your business plan with easy-to-create charts and graphs that investors and lenders love to see in your business plan. 

Financial Forecasting Made Simple
by Mara Campbell, GB
Great software. I tried and used other business plan software and apps, but I was impressed by Upmetrics. The financial forecast section has excellent features none others have, like reports showing profit and loss, earnings, and break-even information.

Empower Your Financial Planning

Start your free trial today and explore the future of financial forecasting with Upmetrics.


Pitch Deck Builder

Create a standout pitch deck with our AI Pitch deck Generator. Our tool ensures you hit all the key points investors are looking for.

Generate Your Deck with AI

Leverage our AI to auto-generate a compelling pitch deck directly from your business plan. 

One-Click Presentation

Ready to present? Deliver a powerful online presentation to investors and stakeholders with just one click. 

Share and Download with Ease

Easily share your pitch deck online with investors and lenders, ensuring you’re always pitch-ready. Download your deck in PDF or DOC formats.

Create Pitch Decks in Minutes​
by April Elaine Powell, WELL AP
I was thrilled to find templates on Upmetrics that helped me streamline my Business Plan updates and create a pitch deck to help me secure new partners and funding.

Elevate Your Pitch Today

Get started with our AI Pitchdeck Generator and turn your business plan into an impressive pitch deck ready to win over investors.

Loved by forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners

Check out what our customers have to say about their experience with Upmetrics.
5 Star User Review

The great USP here is the AI feature I used, where I can write my idea in simple terms, and I use AI to reformulate it in a more persuasive way where I saw the difference in the pitching level.

Abdelraouf Hammoud

Abdelraouf Hammoud

Solutions Design Manager at DHL Supply Chain

5 Star User Review

Having complete control over our business plan has been instrumental in being able to raise funds from investors. Upmetrics is an invaluable product that keeps getting better.

Jason Lorje

Jason Lorje

Founder & CEO at Agmondo

5 Star User Review

The Upmetrics platform is perfect for someone looking to start a business and has a range of tools to assist with planning from financial forecasting to AI-assisted business plans. Strongly recommend.

Jarred Bouffier

Jarred Bouffier

BDM at Mandoe

5 Star User Review

Drafting impactful and clear business plans is not easy. Navigating complex spreadsheets, creating financial projections, and generating and publishing financial reports take up a lot of a founder's time.

Deepak Dhanak

Deepak Dhanak

Founder at DocuX

5 Star User Review

I created a fantastic business plan in 1/4 the time with much more professionalism than without Upmetrics. I especially liked the templates I could work from.

Tom Brune

Tom Brune

President at Ventures Lending Technologies

5 Star User Review

I loved the financial modeling capabilities of Upmetrics as they are exceptional and easy to use & understand. It simplifies the often complex process of creating financial projections and forecasts. Along with it, AI assistance worked wonders for me.

Vaibhav Kamble

Vaibhav Kamble

Founder at CloudOptimo

Every Feature You Need To Convert A Great Business Idea Into A Reality

collaborative workspace

Collaborative Workspaces

Team up in real-time with partners and advisors in collaborative workspaces designed for seamless planning.

interactive financial dashboard

Interactive Financial Dashboards

Visualize your financial health with interactive dashboards that offer snapshots of key metrics and performance indicators.
customizable templates icon

Customizable Templates

Choose from a range of customizable templates that cater to various industries and business needs.


Business Model Templates

Select from templates like BMC, Lean Canvas, and more for a structured approach to your business model.
stunning cover pages

Stunning Cover Pages

Create an impactful first impression with a selection of eye-catching cover pages that make your business plan stand out.

World Class Support

Experience dedicated assistance with our world-class support team, ready to help you navigate any challenges in your journey.

Upmetrics helps the world’s most innovative business owners plan better, daily

More than 110K entrepreneurs have used Upmetrics from securing funding to launching their ventures, read compelling case studies.

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Raising Funds
Business Advisory

Give A Head Start To Your Business With 400+ Business Plan Templates

We have created a library of sample business plans to help you get started with your writing.

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