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How to Open a Medical Spa Business in 8 Steps

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Free Medical Spa Business Plan Template

March 03, 2024

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how to start a medical spa
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Writing a business plan?

The world of beauty and wellness is changing fast, and a new star is rising: the medical spa! This booming industry is already worth $18.6 billion and is growing. So, opening a medical spa could be your perfect move if you’re looking to jump into something exciting.

Feeling lost on where to begin? Relax! This guide is your roadmap to success.

We’ll break down everything you need to know, from writing a med spa business plan and dealing with the rules to getting the word out about your new business.

So, let’s get started!

Why Open a Medical Spa?

The beauty biz isn’t just about manis and pedis anymore. People are craving next-level treatments and wellness vibes, which is where medical spas come in. Here’s why opening one could be your dream move:

Be a Trendsetter

First of all, owning your own med spa means you’re at the forefront of a really exciting and ever-evolving industry. New treatments and technologies are constantly coming out, so you’ll always be learning and offering the latest and greatest to your clients!

Big Bucks, Big Smiles

Medical spa services are pricier than your average spa, meaning happy clients and happy wallets for you. Think of it as helping people invest in themselves, inside and out.

Passion project paradise

Are you a skincare guru or wellness whisperer? This is your chance to turn your passion into a career, helping people look and feel fabulous – confidence boost included!

Be your own boss

Running your own medical spa means you’re in charge. Choose the treatments, create the vibe, and call the shots – it’s your show!

1. Conduct competitive & market research

It’s not all massages and mud masks – knowing your market is crucial. Remember, a spa in a small town won’t offer the same treatments as a fancy one in a big city, right?

Here’s what to figure out:

Who are your VIPs?

Are you targeting women in their 50s looking for wrinkle-busters or young adults wanting hair removal? Knowing your target audience’s age and needs helps you choose the right treatments and staff.

What’s the competition doing?

Check out other med spas to see what they’re good at and what’s missing. Maybe there’s a popular treatment no one’s promoting? Find a gap in the market and fill it!

What’s popular in your area?

See which treatments are already popular in your area. Are you aiming for a relaxing day spa with facials or a medical-grade clinic offering laser treatments? Your chosen medical procedures will determine who you need on your team.

How much will it cost?

Now that you know your audience and competition, think about pricing. Do you want to be a bit cheaper, a bit pricier, or right in the middle? Remember, don’t stray too far from the average!

2. Write a medical spa business plan

Imagine a med spa where clients leave feeling happy and confident about their health and appearance.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But before you start choosing treatments and designing a relaxing space, there’s one important step: creating a strong business plan.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure it out all alone. We have a helpful Med Spa Business Plan Sample to walk you through the whole process.

Why is this so important? A solid plan helps you:

  • Understand your ideal client
  • Set the right prices
  • Pick the best equipment and services
  • Prepare for challenges and risks
  • Show potential investors and lenders you’re serious

It may sound complicated, but don’t worry! With some effort and the correct info, you can write a plan that makes investors say, “Wow!” and turn your dream spa into reality.

Not very good at writing? Need help with your plan?

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3. Get the required licenses and certifications

Opening a med spa is exciting, but don’t forget the rules! Every state has its licensing requirements, so check yours first (state website or SBA).

Here’s a general overview:

Check your state’s website: Different states have different rules, so skip the guesswork and head straight to their official site.

Basic business license: Every business needs one. Apply online through your state’s site or the US Small Business Administration. Just provide your info and the business name.

Certificate of Occupancy: Make sure your space is legit! Book an inspection to confirm it meets zoning laws, size requirements, and safety codes and has the right plumbing and electricity.

Permits: Selling products? Most states require a retail permit. Find it online on your state’s website.

Building permits: Renovating? Get a permit and inspection before you start hammering. The fire department might also want a peek.

Staff licenses: Most treatments need licensed and trained professionals. This includes massage therapists and aestheticians who need state licenses and proper training. Don’t forget to keep their training up-to-date!

Medical professionals: Even if they don’t perform every treatment, you’ll need qualified doctors to supervise things at your own med spa. Think licensed physicians or board-certified plastic surgeons.

MSO & MSA (sometimes): Not all states, but some require med spas to either be owned by a doctor or partner with one via a Management Services Organization (MSO). This ensures you meet medical standards.

HIPAA certification: Just like a clinic, your staff needs to be trained on HIPAA rules to protect patient privacy.

4. Plan and set up your clinic

Your medical spa needs treatment rooms, waiting areas, and maybe even a product shop. All that needs space, right? A good rule of thumb is 2,500 to 3,000 square feet.

It also depends on your clients, your budget, and whether you want to grow bigger later. Some spas thrive in bustling downtowns, while others find peace (and clients!) in scenic countryside spots.

No matter where you dream of opening, keep these key things in mind:

Zoning: Make sure your chosen spot allows businesses. You don’t want to spend time and money fighting with the city later!

Parking & Access: Clients need easy ways to get to and park near your spa. Bonus points for ramps and elevators – everyone deserves to feel comfortable!

Competition: If there are many other medical spas nearby, it’s wise to look elsewhere. Standing out is challenging in a crowded market. But if you offer something unique, maybe you’re the perfect fit!

5. Get the necessary equipment

Choosing the right tools is key to offering amazing treatments. But what you really need will depend on your services. For example, if you want to offer microdermabrasion, you’ll need equipment different from that of a cryotherapy spa. Plus, budget matters. Start with the basics, then add more later if needed.

Here are some Must-haves:

Comfy chairs and beds: Clients need to relax! Focus on comfort, quality, and adjustability.

Injection tools: If you offer Botox, Dysport, PRP, etc., you’ll need syringes, vein finders, and other specialized equipment. Remember, sterile supplies have expiration dates, so avoid overstocking.

Inviting décor: Candles, essential oils, good lighting, and art make your space feel less clinical.

Smart storage: Mobile carts with locking drawers keep things organized and safe.

Ergonomic seating: Comfy chairs and stools for clients and staff show you care about their well-being.

Towel warmer: Clients love this simple comfort after treatments.

Specialized equipment: Consider cutting-edge tools like touchless spa treatments or specialized software for your med spa needs.


  • Prioritize the basics first.
  • Choose equipment based on your services.
  • Don’t forget about budget and storage space.
  • Add unique touches to make your spa stand out!

6. Hire med spa staff

Running a med spa takes more than just doctors! You’ll need a team to handle treatments, keep things running smoothly, and make your clients feel amazing.

Here’s who you might hire:

  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed Physician
  • Licensed skin care specialists

Depending on your size, you might need all these roles, just a few, or even have one person wear multiple hats!

So, how do you find the right employees? Here are some options:

  • Free options: Post job ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Jobs.com.
  • Paid options: Advertise on Indeed, Glassdoor, or ZipRecruiter.
  • Go pro: Hire a recruitment agency if you have the budget.

Once you’ve found the right candidate, here are some essential steps to take before finalizing their hiring:

  • Make employees fill out an application form, not just give a resume, and keep this form in their file.
  • Having employees sign contracts that say how much they’ll be paid and include clauses that stop them from taking clients or using your spa’s photos for their benefit.
  • Getting employees to sign confidentiality agreements to keep your spa’s information private.

7. Marketing your medical spa

Marketing is super important when you’re thinking about starting a successful medical spa. You need a plan for getting the word out there, or you might not have any customers at the start.

Create a unique look and feel for your med spa with a catchy logo, matching colors, and a message telling people what you’re all about.

Use old-school and online ways to reach people who want to visit your spa. Things like social media, emails, and local deals can really help.

Usually, you should start promoting your med spa about four months before you open. Plan to spend about 10% of your budget on marketing to hit your profit goals.

When planning your marketing, focus on:

1. Your Website

Your website is probably one of the first things you’ll spend money on. A big trend for medical spa websites is having a “Book Now” button on the homepage. Medical spa software allows people to book appointments online according to their schedule.

Online booking can bring in 34% more customers and save you up to seven hours a week by cutting down on scheduling work.

2. Google Business Profile

You should also create a Google Business Profile, which is free. It makes your spa appear on Google when people look for services like yours, especially if you have good reviews.

3. Targeting Birthday Celebrants on Social Media

People often treat themselves to their birthdays. You can target ads to people with upcoming birthdays in your area on Facebook and Instagram, offering them special deals.

4. Competitor Ads

Use Facebook’s Ad Library to see what ads your competitors are running. This can give you ideas for your ads.

5. Use Reserve with Google

This feature lets people book appointments directly from Google. It can significantly increase your bookings and automatically encourage clients to leave reviews.

6. Start a Referral Program

Encourage your clients to refer friends and family. Referred customers are often more loyal and profitable. Make sure your referral offer is attractive and well-promoted, especially during holidays.

8. Outline an operational plan

To ensure your medical spa runs smoothly, it’s important to get your operations in order. Before you open, think about these key areas:

Policies and Procedures

You must set up rules for keeping patient information private, handling biohazards, keeping things clean, managing equipment, storing medications safely, dealing with risks, cleaning correctly, and reporting problems. Get help from a lawyer to make these rules official.

Health and Safety

Create detailed rules for keeping everything clean and safe, following state and federal laws.

Inventory Management

Avoid spending too much on supplies you don’t need. Set up a system to track what you have, what you need, and when to order more to prevent wasting money.

Quality and Control

Make sure the quality of your services stays high. For instance, you could have each physician assistant responsible for ensuring consent forms are signed so nothing is overlooked. Assign specific tasks to team members to ensure everything from the products you use to how your team works meets high standards.

How Profitable are Medical Spas?

The medical spa industry is booming, with the average annual revenue for a medical spa hitting more than $1.9 million, according to the American Medical Spa Association report. Even single-location shops see steady income, making around $122,000 a month.

And guess what? The good times are expected to keep rolling! Industry data predicts the med spa industry will grow by a whopping 15.6% over the next decade.

People are looking for calmer ways to care for themselves, with less invasive treatments and fancy technology like lasers and anti-aging solutions.

Owning a med spa could earn you $300,000 to $375,000 a year with a 20-25% profit. But it depends on your location, competition, and marketing skills.


Opening a med spa combines your love for beauty and wellness with the thrill of running your own business. It can draw clients who are eager to invest in their health and appearance. The good news? You’ve got the potential to make it happen!

Let’s take the first step together: crafting a solid business plan. This roadmap will guide you through everything from budgeting to legal stuff, ensuring your med spa runs smoothly and shines bright.

We’ve got a sample plan ready to help you get rolling. Just download it and use it as your guide.

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