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Liveplan Pricing

Subscription Plan: Standard and Premium plan. 

Starting Price: Pricing: $20

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Standard plan
$15/pay month
Starter plan
Premium plan
Premium plan
Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee
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Liveplan is a business planning and management software created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed through strategic business planning.

With a tool like Liveplan and Upmetrics, creating a detailed business and financial plan is a breeze. You can do it within a few hours, which used to take several days, even weeks.

Need help understanding Liveplan’s pricing packages and plans? 

Here you go—an in-depth guide to help you understand Liveplan’s pricing plans, whom they are best suited for, and their value offerings.

Sounds perfect? Let’s head straight into it.

Liveplan Pricing Plans

This modern business planning solution comes with two different plans as part of its subscription model, standard and premium, tailored to varying business needs. 

While it doesn’t have any free plan or trial available, they have a money-back guarantee on all their subscription plans.

You must be having many questions about these plans, like what features they include, are there any addons available, whom they are best suited for, and dozens of others.

Worry not, we’re just getting there!

Let’s explore both plans in detail to help you choose the most suitable one for your requirements.

Standard Plan

Liveplan’s standard plan costs $20 per month; however, you can get it at $15 per month when billed annually. It is suitable for early-stage startups or anyone with basic business planning requirements.

You can collaborate with up to 5 team members while working on your business plan using the standard plan. However, there aren’t any limitations for guest viewers.

Here’s the list of other features included in Liveplan’s standard plan:

  • Liveplan Assistant—helps you write and suggests revenue streams
  • Step-by-step instructions throughout the process
  • Lender-ready statements
  • 550+ sample business plans
  • Easily export Pitch/Plan
  • Full financial forecasting
  • Email and chat support

Considering the feature offerings, Liveplan’s standard plan may sound like a worth-it deal, but hold on. Here’s how Upmetrics’ starter plan can be a better alternative compared to Liveplan at just half its price.

Standard Plan

$ 15/mo


Starter Plan

$ 7/mo

Billed annually (Save up to 25%)

*pricing is based on annual billing.

Premium Plan

Liveplan’s premium plan costs $40 per month; however, you can get it at $30 per month when billed annually. 

It’s best suited for well-established entrepreneurs, mid-sized enterprises, business consultants, and those who need advanced financial forecasting and performance-tracking features.

Like the standard plan, you can collaborate with up to 5 members using the premium plan and share it with others without limitations.

Here’s the list of features included in Liveplan’s premium plan:

  • All standard plan features
  • “What-if” scenarios
  • Performance dashboard
  • Real-time cash and profit forecasting
  • Milestone planner
  • Accounting software integration (Xero, QuickBooks Online)
  • Industry benchmark data
  • Automatic forecast builder
  • Educational webinars

A whopping $40 for these features? Sounds like a lot? 

See how Upmetrics’ premium can be a better choice than Liveplan, considering its pricing and feature offering.

Premium Plan

$ 30/mo


Standard features +

Premium Plan

$ 14/mo

Billed annually (Save up to 25%)

Standard features +

Since we’ve already covered both of Liveplan’s pricing plans, let’s head to discussing some of the most frequently asked questions about these plans.

Liveplan Pricing FAQs

1. Is Liveplan worth it?

Liveplan is an excellent business and financial planning tool. However, considering its feature offerings, its pricing plans seem more expensive compared to other tools in the market.

A competitive tool like Upmetrics provides almost similar features at half of Liveplan’s cost, making it a far better alternative.

2. Does LivePlan have a free trial?

No, Liveplan does not have any free plan or trail. However, they provide a 35-day money-back guarantee, so you can request a refund if you don’t find the tool fit for your business planning requirements.

3. Are there any alternatives to LivePlan that offer better pricing?

While multiple alternatives to Liveplan exist, including Upmetrics, Enloop, and Ideabuddy, Upmetrics seems to stand out with its modern and AI-powered functionalities.

4. Can I cancel my Liveplan subscription at any time?

Wondering if you can change or cancel your plan after signing up? So, yes. You can easily cancel your monthly or annual Liveplan subscription at any time after signing up.

5. What is the cancellation policy for Liveplan?

As mentioned earlier, Liveplan provides a 35-day money-back guarantee instead of a free plan. However, the refund won’t be applied if you cancel your account within Liveplan—you must contact their customer advocate team to encash your refund.

So that was all about Liveplan pricing. Think it’s too expensive for you? Let’s explore a better and cost-effective alternative—Upmetrics.

Upmetrics—An Affordable Alternative

With competitive pricing, almost similar feature lines, and a seamless & user-friendly user interface—Upmetrics is the best Liveplan alternative to help you create a winning business plan.

The tool is designed specifically for startups and small business owners, making everything about it suitable for new-age entrepreneurs, be it pricing, forecasting features, or user-friendliness.

Check out these incredible features of Upmetrics:

How are Upmetrics’ Pricing Plans and Features Compared to Liveplan?

As you may have already noticed, Upmetrics’ pricing plans are far more cost-effective compared to Liveplan. But what about the features? 

Of course, you want to make sure you’re selecting a tool that offers a modern solution with all the necessary features for business planning, not just a random, cheap alternative. 

To help you make sure, let’s compare Upmetrics and Liveplan’s feature offerings:





Can't Miss to Compare
Minimum Pricing $15/Month $7/Month
Team Member 5 5
Core Capabilities
Business plan templates
AI Assistance
One-page pitch builder
Business plan course
Business plan version control
Strategic planning
Pinboard to organize ideas
Collaboration tools
Task management
Discounted price for students and nonprofits
Support Email and chat Email and chat
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Convinced? Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Upmetrics’ pricing plans:

Upmetrics Pricing FAQs

1. What are Upmetrics’ pricing plans for non-profits and students?

Upmetrics offers a flat 30% off on all its pricing plans for non-profit organizations and students. However, this pack is only available for students and non-profit owners aged 13 or older, and you must apply with an email address issued by your school, university, or organization.

2. Are there any hidden fees or additional charges with Upmetrics?

No, there aren’t any hidden fees or additional charges associated with the Upmetrics subscription. However, you can purchase additional add-ons based on your planning and workspace requirements. 

3. How does the money-back guarantee work?

Upmetrics subscription comes with a 15-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the service offerings, you can simply contact customer support within 15 days of purchase to get your refund. 

4. How does Upmetrics compare in price to other similar tools?

Believe it or not, Upmetrics is a modern, advanced, and cost-effective solution compared to many similar business planning tools available in the market, making it a better choice for business planning.

Let’s Give Upmetrics a Try! 

That’s all from our side. We helped you understand Liveplan’s pricing plans, answered all your questions, and suggested a competitive alternative.

So all doubts clear? It’s time for you to make a decision, a wise one! 

With competitive pricing and modern yet AI-powered functionalities, Upmetrics is the business planning solution you need as a new-age entrepreneur.

What are you waiting for? Try Upmetrics today!