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What is Corporate Kit?

A Corporate Kit is a customized, portable binder designed to store and maintain important corporate documents such as the corporate seal, share certificates, and legal documents, including the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, meeting minutes, and other essential records.

Elements of a Corporate Kit

A corporate kit is an essential resource for all corporations, and typically includes items such as a corporate seal, corporate certificates, share transfer ledgers, and documents outlining corporate bylaws and other legal procedures. Other items that may be included in a corporate kit depend on the particular state and region in which the incorporating business operates. In certain states, for example, statutory forms are required to be kept in the corporate kit.

Why Every Corporation Needs a Corporate Kit

A corporate kit is an all-in-one resource that provides essential tools a corporation needs to operate. The kit contains the necessary documents such as corporate certificates and bylaws that outline the corporate hierarchy, legal structure, and rights and duties of shareholders and officers. Moreover, a corporate kit ensures that all the required documents are kept together and helps eliminate the need to search for them from different sources.

How to Assemble a Corporate Kit

  • Choose your corporate documents: The first step towards assembling a corporate kit is to select the documents that you need. The exact documents required for a corporate kit depend on the type of corporation and the state in which it is being incorporated. Generally, the documents you will need to include in the corporate kit are corporate stock certificates, corporate resolutions, corporate bylaws, Ledger of Shares, and a corporate seal.
  • Name the registered agent: Every corporation must have a registered agent who is assigned to receive legal documents on behalf of the company. This registered agent should be officially registered with the relevant state’s Secretary of State.
  • Preserve the uniqueness of the corporation: Every corporation needs a unique name that is registered with the Secretary of State and Compliance Department. This unique name should be printed on the corporate certificates and on any legal documents relating to the corporation.
  • Check legislations: After selecting and gathering the documents necessary for the corporate kit, it is important to review the governing laws of the particular state in which the business is being incorporated. The corporate documents must comply with all state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Organize the documents: Finally, the documents for the corporate kit should be organized in a professional and logical manner so it is easy to find the necessary documents when needed.

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