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Top 8 Enloop Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Gone are the days when writing a business plan used to take several days, maybe weeks, to finish. Not anymore—thanks to business plan software like Enloop.

Wait. What if we tell you Enloop isn’t your best option?

No doubt, Enloop is an excellent business planning software with many features like—automated text, financial reports, and forecast generation features.

However, there are many Enloop alternatives providing advanced features at much affordable rates to speed up the process.

Let’s dig in to understand why these options are worth considering:

Why Consider Alternatives to Enloop?

We truly believe that Enloop is an incredible business planning solution, but some of its limitations like these force us to reconsider:

In this article, we’ll review the top 8 Enloop alternatives, pricing, and features, so you won’t have to spend hours browsing the internet.

Sounds good? Let’s dive right in.

What are the Best Enloop Alternatives?

Writing a business plan?

1. Upmetrics

Upmetrics Simplifies the complex process of writing

Professional Business Plan

With competitive pricing, an advanced feature line, and a seamless & user-friendly user interface—Upmetrics is the best Enloop alternative to help you create a winning business plan.

It is specifically designed for startups and small businesses. Hence, everything about Upmetrics suits new-age entrepreneurs, be it user-friendliness, pricing, or financial projection features.

Here are the key features that make Upmetrics a better choice than Enloop:

Starter Plan

$ 7/mo

Billed annually (Save up to 25%)



Team Member




Standard Plan

$ 19.95/mo

Save 15% with annual billing

No. Of Business Plans


Team Member


Check out this table for a detailed comparison of Upmetrics and Enloop:




Business plan templates
AI Assistance
One-page pitch builder
Business plan course
Business plan version control
Country currency formatting
Pinboard to organize ideas
Collaboration tools
Task management
Discounted price for students and nonprofits

What are you waiting for?

Business Planning Start @7/mo

Here’s a list of other incredible features of Upmetrics you may like to consider:

Aizat Hawari, PhD
Aizat Hawari, PhD
Founder at Praxis Sdn. Bhd.
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Upmetrics simplifies the heavy lifting for planning for business plans. It comes with 400+ sample templates, helpful tips, and detailed documentation. The only tool you ever need!

2. Ideabuddy

Ideabuddy is a business planning software designed for new-age entrepreneurs to help them turn their ideas into actionable business plans.

This Enloop alternative is designed on a principle where users can develop, test, and launch their business idea—all in one place.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur with limited financial knowledge, this is the tool you need for business planning.

Some of Ideabuddy’s key features may include:

Ideabuddy Compared to Enloop:

Ideabuddy is best known for idea creation and its easy-to-use functionalities. As mentioned, this tool is designed to help users develop, test, and launch their business ideas in one place. It is way ahead of its competitor Enloop regarding user-friendliness and ease of use for beginners. However, it may lack comprehensive business planning features like financial forecasting. See how Upmetrics can be an ideal IdeaBuddy alternative compared to Enloop. Price: Ideabuddy’s subscription costs $15 for one business idea and collaborator. A free plan is also available with some basic functionalities.

3. Liveplan

LivePlan is one of the best business planning, budgeting, and performance-tracking software for startups and small business owners.

This Enloop alternative simplifies the process of creating a professional business plan with its instruction manuals, tutorials, and expert guidance, whereas its automated financials built-in with formulas ensure precise financial forecasting.

However, Liveplan’s financial forecasting features are not customizable and cover limited scenarios, so you may consider other Liveplan alternatives.

Some of Liveplan’s key features may include:

Liveplan Compared to Enloop:

Feature and functionality wise LivePlan is a better business plan tool than Enloop. Whether you are a startup or a well-established organization, LivePlan has features for businesses of all kinds.

While Liveplan is the better choice, you may consider Enloop, looking at some of its critical functionalities like customized & auto-generated financial reports.

Price: LivePlan’s standard plan costs $20/month for one user. They do not have any free trial or demo plan as part of their pricing plan.

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Plans starting from $7/month

4. Bizplan

Bizplan is another business planning tool like Enloop that helps startups, and business owners write winning business plans.

Its financial tools for detailed financial projections, fundraising tools to help startups connect with investors, and direct access to business planning experts make Bizplan a viable alternative to Enloop.

Some of Bizplan’s key features may include:

Bizplan Compared to Enloop

Bizplan is best known for its all-around business solutions.

Apart from business and financial planning, they also provide direct access to planning experts or mentors and a fundraising tool that has helped startups raise over $500 million.

Overall, it’s a better tool compared to Enloop, but if you need features like automated text writing—you may prefer Enloop over Bizplan.

Price: Bizplan’s monthly subscription starts at $29, which is relatively higher than Enloop’s. They also have a lifetime plan costing $349.

5. iPlanner

iPlanner is yet another business plan software that has been helping businesses develop their business plans for over a decade now.
It’s a business planning software with basic planning and forecasting functionalities—designed specifically for small-scale startups.
If you are searching for an affordable business planning solution with KPIs, analytics, and reporting features—iPlanner is the way to go.
Some of iPlanner’s key features may include:

iPlanner Compared to Enloop

iPlanner is best known for its business planning features, whereas Enloop is known for its automated text writing and financial forecasting capabilities.

Compared to Enloop, iPlanner has an outdated user interface, as it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

It also doesn’t have much to offer in terms of customization with its basic templates, no automated formulas, and no financial tables designed to enter summarized data.

So, considering overall business & financial planning features, Enloop sounds like a better choice.

Pricing: iPlanner’s professional subscription starts at $24 for three months with one project. They do not have any free trial or demo plan as part of their pricing plan.

6. PlanGuru

PlanGuru is one of the top business planning softwares helping medium and large-scale enterprises accomplish their business goals through strategic business planning and accurate forecasting.

PlanGuru is best known for its crucial features, including budgeting & financial analytics, rolling forecasts, and strategic planning.

If you are a mid or large-sized enterprise looking for a feature-rich tool for detailed financial forecasting and strategic planning—PlanGuru is a no-brainer.

Here’s an extended list of PlanGuru’s key features:

PlanGuru Compared to Enloop

PlanGuru is specifically designed for medium and large-scale enterprises. This software specializes in forecasting financial statements, scenario analysis, budgeting, and gaining insights through reporting tools.

Considering financial features, PlanGuru is way ahead of Enloop. However, they both lack comprehensive business planning features.

A tool like Upmetrics can be a better choice for comprehensive business planning compared to Enloop and PlanGuru.

Pricing: PlanGuru’s monthly subscription starts at $99, which is the highest for any business plan software on our list.

7. Cuttles

Cuttles is an interactive and new-age pitch and business plan tool helping entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

It’s an all-in-one business plan software that walks you through the process of planning, presenting, and building your startup.

If you are an early-stage startup seeking help validating and pitching your idea effortlessly to your investors—Cuttles is the tool you need.

Here’s an extended list of Cuttle’s key features:

Cuttles Compared to Enloop

Enloop and Cuttles are excellent business planning tools in their ways.

Cuttles provides a user-friendly dashboard for first-time entrepreneurs, whereas Enloop provides additional features like automated financial forecasting and investor tools.

If you are concerned about automated financial forecasting, reporting, and text generation features, consider Enloop. If you are an early-stage startup, Cuttles is a no-brainer.

Pricing: Cuttle’s seed plan starts at €19 (≈ $20.60). They also provide a 7-day free trial on their seed plan.

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Plans starting from $7/month

8. ProjectionHub

ProjectionHub is a financial projection tool that provides financial projection templates and CPA support to help entrepreneurs raise capital, secure SBA loans, and develop a business plan.

Their financial projection templates are industry-specific, CPA-prepared, and easy to use to help you quickly create lender- and investor-ready projections.

So, if you are considering purchasing an Enloop alternative that offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive financial projections, industry-specific templates, and scenario planning features—ProjectionHub is the way to go.

Some of ProjectionHub’s key features may include:

ProjectionHub Compared to Enloop

ProjectionHub is best known for its financial projection features, whereas Enloop is known for its stronger emphasis on business planning features.

So, the decision depends on user preferences, like—what features you are looking for in a business planning tool.

If you want a tool for financial projection features with industry-specific templates, consider ProjectHub; if you are considering the overall better business planning solution, go for Enloop.

Price: Pricing for ProjectionHub’s templates starts from $99. However, they do not have any free plan or demo as a part of their pricing plans.

That was our list of top 8 Enloop alternatives; let’s head to the conclusion!


Enloop is indeed an excellent business planning solution. However, its features and functionalities are designed specifically for entrepreneurs with prior financial and planning experience, so it might only suit some.

That’s where tools like Upmetrics can help by providing all the necessary business planning features at incredible prices.

Investing time and resources in the wrong tool is frustrating before
understanding if it’s the right fit. So, we made the case different with Upmetrics.

Try Upmetrics and get your money back within 15 days if you don’t find it the right fit. Happy business planning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Enloop doesn’t have a free plan, but a 7-day free trial. Instead, you can use a business plan app like Upmetrics at an affordable price and take advantage of its advanced functionalities.

Here are some of the best budget-friendly Enloop competitors:

  • Upmetrics
  • Liveplan
  • IdeaBuddy
  • Bizplan
  • iPlanner
  • PlanGuru
  • Cuttles
  • ProjectionHub

Enloop offers its subscription at 2 different pricing plans:

  • Detailed Plan: $19.95 per month for 3 business plans, detailed financials, and 3 ratios analyzed.
  • Performance Plan: $39.95 per month for 3 business plans, detailed financials, and 16 ratios analyzed.

No, Enloop doesn’t integrate with Quickbooks. However, you can pick one of its alternatives from our list, which may integrate with it.

Considering feature offerings, support, and pricing plans, Upmetrics is a better business planning tool than Enloop. Upmetrics’ starter plan provides access to many advanced features like 400+ business plan templates, financial forecasting tools, and pitch deck creator, which may not be the case with Enloop.