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IdeaBuddy is an innovative business plan software helping new-age entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful business plans. It is designed on a principle where users can develop, test, and launch their business idea—all in one place.

It’s one of the easiest-to-use tools with appealing graphics, step-by-step guides, and industry-specific examples.

Although it has been considered a comprehensive business planning solution, it’s best known for its ideation features like Idea plan, Idea validation, and Whiteboard.

Its business plan builder documents the sections from Business Guide and creates a modern business plan that you can download as a PDF or Word and share with others.

The idea plan feature offers a simple one-page canvas to help you quickly build a business model and define the key elements of your idea before diving into details. While the Whiteboard allows you to collaborate and brainstorm ideas with your teammates in real-time—no matter where you are.

The most important—financial planning tool helps forecast profit and loss, make cash flow projections, and map out the financial future of your business.

Overall, IdeaBuddy could be a great investment for startups to create a comprehensive business plan. However, it may lack advanced business planning & financial planning functionalities, design customizations, and AI Assistance.

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IdeaBuddy Pricing

This innovative business planning software is an ideal solution for early-stage startups and small business owners. IdeaBuddy’s pricing plans include 3 packages: Dreamer, Founder, and Team Pro. They also have a free plan which comes with limited features.

Entrepreneurs often have questions about their pricing plans, like do they have a free plan, what features these plans include, and more. And we’re just going to discuss that in this section.

Starting with the free plan. Yes, IdeaBuddy offers a free plan, but it comes with very basic functionalities. It’s great to explore the tool, but can you actually create a business plan using it? Absolutely not.

Let’s discuss its other pricing plans in detail:

Dreamer: The Dreamer plan best suits idea-stage startups and young entrepreneurs creating business plans for the very first time. The plan limits users to only one idea and lets them invite only one collaborator.

The Dreamer plan comes with basic features like sharing ideas with others, inviting collaborators, and exporting documents to PDF, Doc, and Word, which seems very limited compared to other tools in the market.

Founder: This plan is best suitable for startups and small business owners seeking help creating a comprehensive business plan. Unlike the Dreamer plan, the Founder plan lets you work on 3 ideas and invite 3 collaborators.

Besides the Dreamer plan features, the Founder plan includes advanced features, like Idea validation and Notes & Tips.

Team Pro: This plan is designed for medium-sized enterprises and business consultants seeking a collaborative planning solution. Unlike other plans, the Team Pro plan lets you work on 10 ideas and invite 10 team members to collaborate on your plan.

Besides, this plan also offers the Whiteboard feature where you can collaborate and brainstorm ideas with your team members in real time.

Check out the pricing table to compare all the IdeaBuddy pricing plans and choose the best suitable one:

Free Plan


Free Features

  • Templates
  • Idea plan
  • Business Guide
  • Financial Plan
  • P&L/Cash flow
  • Projections
  • Business plan



Per Month

Free Features+

  • Share ideas with others
  • Invite collaborators
  • Export to pdf | Word | Doc



Per Month

Dreamer Features+

  • Ideal validation
  • Notes and tips
  • Business plan

Team Pro


Per Month

Founder Features+

  • Whiteboard

Price Comparison

As we recently discussed IdeaBuddy’s subscription model and pricing plans, we can say its feature offerings are relatively limited compared to other tools in the market.

With tools like Upmetrics, you can get a wide range of features required for comprehensive business planning at affordable prices.

In short, Upmetrics can be an affordable, reliable, and beginner-friendly IdeaBuddy competitor.


$10/per month

Team Pro
$22/per month


Free Demo 
Not Available 

$7/per month

$14/per month


Free Demo
Not Available 

*pricing is based on annual billing.


1. Idea Plan

Idea Plan is a feature that helps entrepreneurs visualize and structure their business model quickly and easily. It offers a simple one-page canvas to quickly build a business model and define key elements of your business idea.

So, how does this work? It’s pretty straightforward, actually. You get a simple one-page canvas, which you can use to brainstorm and organize your ideas using colored sticky notes.

This idea plan can help you get an overview of your business model and identify all the internal and external factors that may affect your business’s future.

2. Whiteboard

Whiteboard is an IdeaBuddy feature that streamlines idea creation for new-age entrepreneurs. Consider it as the normal Whiteboard you use to write down your thoughts, stick notes, and create to-do lists. But, online.

You can actually brainstorm and co-create ideas with your team members in real-time using this online Whiteboard. It allows you to upload images, videos, and documents and create multiple pages on a single board.

The best thing about this Whiteboard is that you can work with your team members in real time, making it a great addition to IdeaBuddy.

3. Idea Validation

Instead of investing in a business idea upfront, it’s wise to test the idea and see if it has growth potential. It’s the smartest thing an entrepreneur can do to ensure business success. That’s what the Idea validation helps you with.

This idea validation test helps you quickly evaluate the strength and viability of an idea to make informed investing decisions. The process starts with developing a business idea; IdeaBuddy’s step-by-step business guide helps you fully develop your idea considering all the critical factors.

Once you have an idea, you can test and assess it using a questionnaire—these questions often relate to your business guide and assumptions.

The test results will offer an idea score and areas of improvement so that you can make necessary updates accordingly.

4. Financial Plan

You don’t need a financial background to use IdeaBuddy’s financial plan to forecast profits and losses, make cash flow projections, and map out the future of your business.

It helps you create accurate financial projections with 5-year profit & loss and cash flow projections. Furthermore, you can see monthly, quarterly, and yearly cash-in and cash-out statements.

You can easily create P&L and cash flow statements and summarize all the financial indicators that banks and investors expect to see in your financial plan. It supports various revenue models; you may choose the right one for your business and describe how you will make money.

They also have automated financial calculators to calculate startup costs, payroll expenses, loan payments, marketing budgets, and other costs.

5. Business Plan

IdeaBuddy offers a simple and easy-to-use business plan builder to easily create a modern business plan that you can export and share with your investors and partners.

Unlike other business planning solutions, IdeaBuddy documents every section of the Business Guide and uses that information to create a modern business plan; you can download this plan as a PDF or Word file or share it with others.

Using its handy built-in editor, you can add or edit text or decide which elements or sections to keep or exclude.

6. Business Guide

Besides other business planning features, IdeaBuddy offers an innovative guide to starting a business. This guide provides rookie entrepreneurs step-by-step guidance covering all the essential aspects of starting a business.

This thorough guide takes you through the entire process of starting a business, from idea development to validation, building a concept, researching the market, launching it, and setting revenue goals.

In addition to this guide, they also provide customizable templates and industry-based guides to help you develop your idea faster.


With growing competition in almost every industry, business planning is not an option anymore. A comprehensive business plan is necessary for any business wanting to stay relevant in the market and succeed.

And tools like IdeaBuddy and Upmetrics help them easily create business plans, so they can spend less time planning and growing their business.

That was all about IdeaBuddy. We hope now you know IdeaBuddy and its features better and know whether or not you should decide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IdeaBuddy is an all-in-one business planning software that helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. This tool can help you create & validate ideas and do business & financial planning.

No, IdeaBuddy doesn’t offer integrations to any third-party tool or application.

Yes, you can make basic financial projections using IdeaBuddy. However, you should consider advanced business and financial planning tools like Upmetrics for detailed and accurate financial forecasting.

Yes, IdeaBuddy does have a free plan, but it comes with limited features. You can’t finish a business plan with its free version, so choosing an alternative like Upmetrics at an affordable price would be ideal.

IdeaBuddy has three plans as a part of its subscription model: Dreamer, Founder, and Team Pro. All three plans cost $15, $22, and $40 respectively. Besides, they also offer a free plan with limited features.