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National Write a Business Plan Month (December 2024)

Join the celebration with millions of inspiring entrepreneurs.

national write a business plan month

Hey fellas, it’s here—the national write a business plan month 2024. Did you know that December is the national write a business plan month? I guess now you do. 

As part of this month-long celebration, we celebrate and support existing businesses, encourage entrepreneurship, build collaborative networks, and spread awareness about business planning among small business owners.

Are you the one sitting on the fence, struggling to finish your business plan? It may be because you find financial forecasting complicated, lack time, are not very good at writing, or maybe some other XYZ reason. 

Forget what happened. Now is the right time to finish the unfinished business, we have all the resources, tools, and tips to help you out.

Let’s make the most of this National Write a Business Plan Month.

Making the most of this business planning month

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Writing a business plan?

Finishing a business plan from scratch is no easy feat. What if I say, we don’t agree? Creating a business without proper planning and resources is no easy feat—now this would be the right way to put it.

Here are some of our curated tips to help you make the most of this business planning month:

Set micro-goals

There are a few types of business plans. There’s the one-page plan, lean business plan, traditional business plan, internal business plan, and maybe a few more. You can’t set goals until you know your purpose—why you’re writing the business plan.

Once you know your purpose, break the entire planning process into bite-sized goals. You may also consider preparing a to-do list of these micro goals.

This to-do list of your micro goals may include:

  • Exploring sample business plans for inspiration
  • Getting a business plan software
  • Spending 4 hours doing industry analysis and market research.
  • Gather financial statements and necessary information for financial projections.

These micro-goals solely depend on the type of business plan you are writing. For instance, writing a comprehensive business plan for investor funding may require spending hours and setting multiple micro-goals.

On the other hand, writing a lean business plan would only require one goal—finishing your plan in less than an hour.

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Set timer and stay focused

Remember when you tried to focus on a task, and an Instagram notification popped up? You start scrolling, and the next thing you know, 30 minutes have gone by. Distractions are bound to incur, let’s see how to be distant with them.

Turn off your phone or enable DND, close all other browsers on your desktop, and set your timer to finish the first micro-goal.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself—the time limit can be flexible depending on your availability. It can be a few hours, 40 minutes, or even 10.

Even if you’re working on your plan for 10 minutes, this technique helps ensure these 10 minutes are the most productive. This way, you can definitely finish your plan over a few days, weeks, or at least a month, depending on the amount of time you put in.

Share your accomplishments

It’s easier to lose touch, get distracted, and give up when working on a time-consuming task. It is essential to share your accomplishments with your team, partners, or mentors and celebrate them to stay motivated until you reach your ultimate goal.

So, when you finish any section of your plan, take a moment to pat yourself on the back and share your accompaniment with the team.

Seek feedback

If you are writing a business plan for the very first time, you may make a few mistakes. Don’t hesitate to share it with your team, peers, colleagues, and mentors, asking for their feedback.

Getting different opinions and perspectives can help you improve the depth and quality of your business plan.

Set calendar events for timely updates

Business planning is a continuous and never-ending process. A business plan isn’t a document written once to keep gathering dust somewhere in your office.

You must regularly revisit its contents and compare if the financials you projected are accurate and strategies still relevant to the market trends.

Set events in your calendar for such timely business plan updates. You don’t have to update it every month—you may schedule quarterly business plan review meetings to discuss the updates.

You may keep time aside for yourself or schedule a session with your business mentor if you’re the only one working on it. It’s the best way to ensure your plan and strategies are up-to-date to respond to upcoming industry challenges.

Use Business Planning Resources and Tools

Business planning isn’t as troublesome and time-consuming as it used to be a few years ago. There are many AI-powered tools to help you simplify and speed up the process.

Here’s the list of online business planning resources and tools to help you out:

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