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Our need of hunger let us source different food around us. Especially when our favorite restaurant re-launch with a whole new menu designed to serve unique specialties. Impeccable services and tasty food is the main focus of the restaurant business.

The introduction of the multi-cuisine restaurant beyond geographical boundaries increases the restaurant industry's growth.


Establishing a successful restaurant business is a big challenge as it is one of the industries with a greater failure rate. Careful planning and implementation of the action plan for the restaurant make it successful.

The size of the global restaurant and food market reached 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. This figure is forecast to grow to 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars in 2027, showing a CAGR of 2.7 percent from 2020 to 2027.

The restaurant industry shows incremental growth due to changes in living patterns. The on-demand economy rises the scope and potential to expand the business in other verticals. 

A quick-service restaurant, 10-minute delivery, and online food orders are part of modern business because of lifestyle changes. A well-put-through business plan becomes the priority to thrive and adopt the changes.


Need a Restaurant Business Plan? We're Here to Help!

The restaurant business contains great failure rates. Despite efforts in establishing a successful business, many challenges are necessary to attain on most priority.

A business plan is one of the core ingredients of your business. Without it, your business recipe has no taste and aroma. 

A restaurant business plan contains planning, marketing, finance, human resource, and other functions combining all aspects. All-inclusive business strategies help you to map your progress and take precise action. 

It gives you clarity and an actionable approach towards your restaurant business-building journey.

If you have decided to start a new restaurant and already started working on it then you must have realized that starting a restaurant is not an easy job.

It requires a lot of planning which includes restaurant location, interior, menu, chefs, management team, operations, marketing strategy, competition analysis, financials, and the list goes on.

So the question is, what is the best way to start your journey in the restaurant business?

And the answer to that is, start with a business plan.

But, before you start writing a business plan, spend as much time as you can reading through some samples of food and restaurant business plans.

Reading sample business plans will help you understand what you are aiming for and what the final business plan will look like. 

It will also show you different sections that different entrepreneurs include and the language they use to write about themselves and their business goals.

We have created this sample restaurant business plan to help entrepreneurs to kickstart their journey of business plan writing and to make sure they do not miss a single thing in their business plan.

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan?

Pursuing all the knowledge about the industry to write a successful business plan is essential.

An industry expert can help you out in writing a business plan, or you can hire a professional business plan writer too. The professional industry advisor helps you in understanding in and out of the restaurant business.

Out of all alternatives to writing a business plan, using a business plan template is the best. The restaurant business plan template lets you write step by step swiftly. If you lack sufficient knowledge about the business, you will gain complete industry knowledge. Let's see the things covered under the business plan.

Restaurant Business Plan Outline

This is the standard restaurant business plan outline which will cover all important sections that you should include in your business plan.

  • Executive Summary
    • Overview
    • Market Opportunity
    • Management
    • Financial Projections & Funding
  • Avadh
    • The Restaurant Concept
      • Technology
    • Business Model
    • Objectives
    • Keys to Success
    • Long Term Strategy
    • Intellectual Property
    • Sustainability
  • Sample Menu
    • Menu Items
  • Restaurant Operations
    • Customer Service
    • Operating Policies
      • Strict Inventory Controls
      • Purchasing Cost Controls
      • Recipe a Portion Controls
      • Menu Blending
      • Sanitation a Food Handling
    • Operating Standards
      • Management's Role
      • Software a Systems
      • Money a Profit Management
    • Training
      • Hiring the Best
      • Training for Excellence
      • Retaining the Best
    • Controlling Costs
      • Food Costs
      • Equipment Costs
      • Staff Turnover / Training Costs
  • Location
    • Operating Details
  • Industry Analysis
    • Industry Overview
      • Restaurant Demographics
      • Millennials
    • Fast Casual Ming
      • Denning Fast Casual
    • Fast Casual Asian Food
    • Tempe Arizona
      • Select Demographic Data
  • Competition
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Direct Competitors
    • Competitive Advantages
  • Marketing
    • Target Market Overview
    • Market Positioning & Brand
    • Marketing Strategies
  • Company & Management
    • Company
    • Management Team
      • John Doe
      • Jane Doe
    • Staffing Plan
    • External Issues
  • Financial Plan
    • Startup Expenditures
    • Revenue Assumptions
    • Cost of Goods Sold
    • Operating Expense Assumptions
    • Balance Sheet Assumptions
    • Bank Loan Assumptions
    • Balance Sheet Forecast - Years 1 to 5
    • Income Statement Forecast Year 1 to 5
    • Cash Flow Forecast - Year 1 to 5

After getting started with upmetrics, you can copy this restaurant business plan example into your business plan and modify the required information and download your restaurant business plan pdf or doc file. It's the fastest and easiest way to start writing your business plan.

What to Include in the Restaurant Business Plan?

Before you get started with writing your business plan, here are a few areas that you should include in your business plan:

1. Executive summary

An introduction of a business plan starts with an executive summary section. It covers a general overview of the business, management functions, market opportunities accessible, and a summary of the financial projections & funding.

The second section shows the restaurant concept, business models, objectives, long & short-term strategies, intellectual properties, and sustainable approach.

2. Sample Menu

The sample menu section introduces the unique menu design for the restaurant. Restaurant concept and business model are two main aspects considered while designing a menu.

3. Restaurant Operations

Restaurant operations help you in planning the functionality of the restaurant. Quick-service, online food delivery compatibility, and drive-through operations are defined underneath. Customer service, training, cost control, and operating standards are mentioned herewith careful attention.

4. Location

The crowded and most visited locations are the core aspect of any restaurant. So, in this section, your restaurant location is mentioned with a strategy to cater to other available options.

5. Industry Analysis

Industry analysis showcases the overview of the industry based on demographic data available for the business. The industry analysis of demographic habits and buying patterns is essential for developing a suitable menu for them.

6. Competition

Under the competition section, you can show your competitors and their analysis. The competitive landscape analysis to understand the mission, vision, goals, strategies, and competitive advantages fall under this section.

7. Marketing

Restaurant business relies on marketing activities to let people know about the food options available. Many good restaurants are unknown to people, but the medium of marketing reaches out to people. Defining marketing strategies and setting up a proper plan to attract the target market become essential. The marketing section will cover all of your restaurant marketing strategies here.

8. Company and Management 

The company & Management section covers the driving force of your business. There should be someone who can direct your business action and draw out the lines for you to walk. A strong team determines the exact direction of the business.

9. Financial Plan

The financial plan section shows the startup expenditures, cost of goods sold, projection of cash flow statement, balance sheet & income statements. If a business thinks about the other means of finance through a bank, then the cost of funds and sources of finance need to be mentioned here.

Restaurant Business Plan Summary

It is hard to establish a competitive advantage for your restaurant in the target market. Because of greater competition, serving unique food items and redesigning your food menus are essential for leveraging business potential.

The wholesome approach of writing a business plan gives an elaborative scope of how you can go through the business-building process error-free.

Each parameter of the restaurant business plan template gives you the freedom to modify. On the completion of your business plan writing, you will learn all functions of a restaurant business.

Ready to Start Your Planning?

Now that you know how to write a business plan, it's time to create one for you.

Remember that problem and market analysis are essential, but implementation is what counts. Go through the process explained in this guide to start planning for your business.

We have created Upmetrics — business plan software to simplify the process of business planning.

Our business plan builder allows you to write and customize your business plan. Our sample business plans and inbuilt help tips will help you to get started with your writing even if you are no expert. Our business plan sections and charts will make your document visually attractive.

Our financial forecasting module will create all the essential reports automatically. You need to enter numbers, and the application will do all the math to generate all your financial statements. Later you can embed those reports into your business plan.

After completing your business plan, you can download your business plan in PDF or DOC file with Upmetrics. You can also share it online with investors just by a quick link.

Customize your Business Plan

All businesses are different. So, don't hesitate to customize your business plan according to your requirements.

Even though our sample business plans are to help you create the perfect presentation for your clients and investors, it is finally up to you to decide how you're going to present your ideas in the best light.

Use this Restaurant Business Plan as guide and start writing your business plan.

Business Planning Resources

We have plenty of free business planning resources available to help you with your planning. You can download our resources to learn all about business planning.

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