How to Start Cattle Farm Business – Step by Step Guide

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How to Start Cattle Farm Business - Step by Step Guide
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Writing a business plan?

If you plan on starting a profitable business, then cattle farming can be an option for you.

You will require lots of funds and vast land to start this business. You can easily earn from either dairy products or even by selling animals on a large scale.

In case you are a beginner, here is a step-by-step guide for you about how to start with the cattle farm business, and by the end of this guide, you will be knowledgeable enough about how to go with your business and how to operate it successfully.

Steps to Start a Cattle Farming Business

Before we guide you step by step about your cattle farming business make sure that you have

  • A sizeable area of land where you can shelter the animals
  • Think about the particular breed of cattle you want
  • A boundary wall or fence to protect the cattle
  • Troughs made for feeding
  • All types of equipment required for farming
  • If possible, then a tractor

Once you are sure about these required items, you can move on to how to start your business. So, here we begin.

1. You Need a Business Plan to Start With!

Writing a business plan is essential, as it will help you out in sorting every aspect. Suppose you want your business plan to be right then. In that case, it must cover the cost of establishment, the cost of purchasing animals, the salary for the staff, the cost of cattle maintenance and their food, overheads, and the management of the pastures.

It would be best if you also kept planning regarding the situations of emergency so that it would not trouble you. Also, insurance purchasing for your animals will be a fruitful decision as you do not know what unforeseen occurrences you may encounter in the future. In a nutshell, a good business is one that will provide you with a solution when you are helpless.

2. Choosing a Location for the Farm

One of the most critical factors in cattle farming is selecting the ideal location for your business. Facilities like transportation and edible vegetation are very much required. It is best if you already have land, as purchasing may cost a lot.

Make sure to contact the office of local agriculture to have an idea about the vegetation, type of soil, rate of the stock market, capacity to carry pastures, demands of the market, and other criteria.

3. Purchasing of Machinery and Other Required Types of Equipment

You cannot just work with man labor as you require machine power to carry out specific tasks. Always regulate the size of your farm, the type of operation that you will be working on, the condition of your finance, and the facilities like- fencing, a shelter for cattle, feeding them, etc.

The bunks and watering facility is also required to be included.

4. Building Shelters for Your Cattle

Cattle farm shelters

The shelter is a mandatory factor for your cattle. To keep your cattle safe and secure, you have to build many parlors. In case you are planning on a dairy business, then you will require stanchions with parlors.

  • Beef cattle require barns for themselves. You do not have to worry about them much.
  • The water-providing source is required to keep your cattle hydrated and your pastures green.
  • You may also require the installation of plumbing and other irrigation systems for your barn.

You will have to make stands that will hold the cows and other animals. Beef cattle do not require much maintenance, as just sheltering them is enough.

5. Decide the Purpose of Your Farm

Decide on the type of breed of cattle that you want to farm. The maintenance and budget differ for each breed, so plan accordingly. Most of the time, beginners start it with dairy products or beef.

Raising dairy cattle requires more maintenance and types of equipment in comparison to raising beef cattle. Sort it out before so that you do not get confused.

Select the breed that you want

Cattle breeds

There are many cattle breeds that you can choose from. However, each cattle has its maintenance and advantages. However, always choose a breed that is readily available in your area. Do not choose something that may not be compatible with the vegetation or even the climatic condition. It is going to be your loss then.

Ayrshire, Jersey, Holstein, and Brown Swiss are some famous and common dairy cattle breeds. These are the breeds that are available almost everywhere.

In case you have decided to start beef cattle farming, you must choose those who are good in temperament and not intense. They must not be labor-intensive breeds like Galloway, British White, Hereford, Red Poll, and, Shorthorn. Angus is also the right choice. However, we would suggest you not go for them if you are a beginner. Their aggressive nature can cause a lot of problems.

However, you can also choose both breeds of beef and milk. It is how you prefer.

Purchasing of Cattle

Once you are settled with the purpose of your farm and also the type of breed, the next step is to buy the cattle. You can do this from any livestock present near you, or you can search online about the places where you can buy them.

While purchasing the cattle, check that they have traits like mothering ability, conformation that is great, and convertibility of temperament forage. Do not make haste and buy all of them in one go! Make sure to check all these traits, and buy only the favorable ones. Do not buy the ones that look thin and weak.

If you have a tight budget and you are planning to wait for two or more years, then Heifer can be an excellent option to go with. Do not buy a bull until and unless you have ten cows in your herd.

Artificial insemination breeding is better when you deal with such cases.

Animal Feeding

Cattle's feeding

Whether you are doing business with dairy cattle or beef cattle, feeding them is very necessary. The quality of feeding should be of very high quality. They must stay healthy. Producing your feed for the cattle is an excellent option. However, you have to determine the amount of pasture that you might need for your cattle.

Please produce your hay, as buying it from another dealer may turn out to be expensive. As feeding your cattle may cost a lot, you have to be mentally prepared for all of these.

6. Taking Great Care of Your Animals

You also have to tend to the animal’s health and hygiene. You have to tend them with a lot of food and care so that they can stay all right.

Always call up a nutritionist, veterinarian, or other professionals

Cattle veterinarian or professionals

If you are involved in dairy cattle, then you have to take a lot of care. A good veterinarian or a nutritionist can help you out in keeping your cattle healthy. Calves are to be vaccinated annually right after they take birth. Also, seek advice from your nutritionist regarding the food that you will feed your cattle. Do maintain good relationships with these people.

  • If you are buying your feed from someone, then make sure that you keep buying from that person only. Be good friends with them so that you can also get the right quality products for your cattle.
  • Keep good contact with your farming organizations and neighbors. They can help you with the resources that you may require for your farm.

Make a place for waste management and compost for cow manure

Cattle waste management and compost

To put back proper nutrients in your pasture, you can use cow manure. Use it for the better, as unattended manure may attract flies and parasites that may create an unhygienic environment for your cattle. You can also use cow manure as fertilizer by storing them for months.

  • Make a disposal plan for the manure, in case you do not want to make your compost.
  • Do follow the laws if there are any. Some areas have rules and laws regarding compost.

Maintain records regarding your animals

Keep a record of all the finances, vaccinations, breeding, calving, purchases, sales, and every other important aspect of your operation. It is mandatory in some places to keep a record of your cattle herding.

You may even require some radio frequency tag for every animal that you purchase, sell, or even the newborns.

Summing Up

Always keep a clear mind about what you want to achieve. For a beginner, it might be a straining and exhausting procedure to do all these. But don’t deviate from your plan, and follow the steps for being successful.

Be sure to set up your farm with every piece of equipment like-fences, water systems, and barns before bringing in your cattle. Do not make haste while purchasing any equipment. Only purchase what you need. Make sure to complete all the paperwork and the permission issues regarding your work. Once you are all set, you can start operating your business.

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