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Writing a business plan?

People would always need to find places. Be it for offices, homes, and whatnot.

Finding the ideal place irrespective of your needs and requirements is never a cakewalk, to begin with.

You can go through a number of real estates business plan templates before you write your plan.

Industry Overview

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Real Estate Sales and brokerage industry, is $156.2bn in 2021, and the industry is expected to increase by 0.4% in 2021.

Also, the market is changing at a rapid rate and the way people use spaces is changing at a rapid rate too.

Hence, to get on or stay on the higher end of the spectrum you’ll need to upskill and change the way you do business constantly.

But that is a fair trade for the amount of growth and profitability this industry has to offer.

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Things to Consider Before Writing a Real Estate Business Plan

Be specific

The real estate industry is broad when it comes to work and what you can do. It can either be a source of primary or passive income. At the same time, you might be involved in the industry as an investor, agent, or builder. Decide what you want to do and plan on that basis.

Do your research

The trends of the real estate business change constantly, hence doing your research and updating it constantly is a crucial part of your profession.

As your knowledge and expertise is your greatest asset in this industry, keep expanding it to stay at the top of things.

Build a team of skilled professionals

Having a team you can build your real estate business with is essential.

Select a group of individuals with a diverse set of talents ranging from good communication skills to brilliant analytical skills. Given the dynamics of the real estate business, you never know what skills might come in handy in your business journey.

Be ready for change

As we have constantly discussed, real estate is a dynamic industry. Change is the only constant you’ll have in this business.

Thus, it is important for everything from your plan and way of doing business to be change-friendly.

Sources of Funding for a Real Estate Business

Gaining funds is one of the major reasons for writing a business plan. And here are a few good funding options for your real estate business:

Bank loans

A traditional loan is one of the most basic options for getting funded. You can opt for this if you have a good credit score.

Non-bank mortgage lending

This is a good option if you don’t want to go through a lot of paperwork.

The asset-based mortgage

For this, the lenders look at the rental value of your property and provide a loan on that basis. It is a good option if you don’t want or can’t get a loan based on your personal assets or income.

Above all, it is essential to plan your business to figure out your funding requirements and the right way to fulfill the same.

Write Your Business Plan

If you have enough connections, and the ability to find places for people that have attributes they want and need then a real estate business can be a profitable one for you.

A business plan helps you get funded, explain your ideas to the stakeholders of your business, and make better decisions.

Hence, planning is an important aspect of starting or growing your business.

It has been created using Upmetrics online business plan software that helps you create dynamic and customizable plans anywhere and at any time.

Our sample real estate business plan can help you with writing a well-rounded business plan for your business. It can act as a guide and prevent you from getting stuck in a certain section for too long.

Real Estate Business Plan Outline

This is the standard real estate business plan outline which will cover all important sections that you should include in your business plan.

  • Executive Summary
    • Market Opportunity
    • Demand for Housing
    • Management
    • Financing & Investment Forecast
  • Company Overview
    • Introducing Kegan
    • Business Model
    • Short Term Goals
    • Long Term Strategies
    • Keys to Success
  • Kegan Villas
    • Location
    • Contemporary Living for the 21″ Century
    • The Complete Package
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Implementation Strategy – Action Plan
  • Market Opportunity
    • Target Market Overview
    • Demand for Housing
      • Housing Shortage Overview in Saudi Arabia
      • Housing Shortage Overview in Riyadh
    • Housing Prices
    • Kegan Home Prices
  • Marketing & Sales
    • Market Positioning & Brand
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Sales Strategies
    • Sales Process
  • Competition & Competitive Advantages
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Direct Competitors
      • Features
    • Competitive Advantages
  • Company & Management
    • Company
    • Development Team
      • Developer
      • Rashid Bin Said
      • Director of Construction
    • Future Senior Team Members
      • Director of Construction
      • Member name
      • Chief Accountant
      • Member name
      • Director of Marketing & Sales
      • Member name
    • Other Staff
    • Independent Directors
  • Financial Plan
    • Financing & Investment Forecast
      • Solid Balance Sheet
      • Impressive Cashflow
      • Financial Summary
    • Financial Assumptions
    • Income Statement (Five-Year Projections)
    • Balance Sheet (Five-Year Projections)
    • Cash Flow Statement (Five-Year Projection)

After getting started with Upmetrics, you can copy this sample real estate business plan into your business plan and modify the required information and download your real estate business plan pdf or doc file.

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Download a sample real estate business plan

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