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Writing a business plan?

Ever dreamed of owning an ice cream shop?

If yes, you’ve stumbled upon the coolest business idea. It’s time to elevate your entrepreneurial journey from sugary dreams to scoopable reality!

But before you start, there’s an important step to sweet success: drafting your business plan. Also, it requires careful planning, a keen idea about your market size, and sprinkles of creativity.

Not to worry; we’re here to help you with our ice cream shop business plan! It is a strategic roadmap guiding you toward the vibrant, bustling ice cream parlor that you’ve always imagined.

In this guide, you can explore the essential elements you need to know for a well-crafted business plan that’s bringing your very own ice cream shop to life.

So, lace up your apron, and let’s delve into the art of crafting your ice cream shop business plan.

Ice Cream Industry Outlook

Before diving right into the guide to ice cream business plan, let’s go through some ice cream industry statistics and trends:

  • The ice cream market revenue amounts to $19.13 billion in 2023, and the market is projected to rise annually by 3.64% (CAGR 2023-2028).
  • The U.S. ice cream makers churned out 1.38 billion gallons of ice cream in 2022. The average American consumes roughly 20 pounds of ice cream or about 4 gallons, each year.
  • For the ice cream market, volume is estimated to be 4.16 billion kg by 2028. It is expected to show a volume growth of 1.1% in 2024.
  • The North American ice cream market size is projected at $22.63 billion in 2023; and is estimated to reach $26.52 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 2.68% during the forecast period (2023-2029).
  • The global ice cream market will reach $104.96 billion in 2029, up from $71.52 billion in 2021 due to the increasing cravings for ice cream.
  • Chocolate, Cookies & cream, Vanilla, Strawberry, Buttered Pecan, and Chocolate Chip are the top ice cream flavors in the U.S.
  • Non-dairy ice creams, plant-based ingredients, and low-calorie or no-sugar ice creams have gained popularity among health-conscious consumers compared to regular ice creams.

1. Executive Summary

An executive summary is a quick overview of your entire business plan. It should be clear, concise, and compelling as it attracts investors to delve further into your plan.

Start your summary with a brief description of your ice cream shop concept including the name, location, and type of ice cream shop you are running.

After that, try to outline a few important topics, from objectives and core values to a coherent vision for your brand, that will be explored in greater detail within the plan.

Write an executive summary at the last once you go through and draft all the important sections of your ice cream shop business plan.

Clearly state your business’s unique selling proposition(USP), market opportunity, and target customers. Don’t forget to mention all the key members and financial projections of your ice cream parlor.

You can also add a 3-year profit forecast to emphasize the potential for profitability.

Lastly, conclude this section with an effective call to action for inviting potential investors or readers if they are curious about your ice cream shop.

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2. Business Overview

The business overview section compliments the executive summary and provides a quick look at your ice cream shop. Draft specific details about your business here.

First, introduce the ice cream shop’s business model, including ownership, legal structure(S-Corp, LLC or a sole proprietorship), and shop location.

Also, mention what type of business you are operating; for instance, it will be one of the below types of ice cream shop businesses:

  • Self-service ice cream shop: Allows customers to fill their own containers with desired ice cream flavors and toppings.
  • Ice cream truck: An easy way to reach more customers in different areas.
  • Gourmet ice cream shop: Caters to customers seeking premium frozen desserts and high-quality experience.
  • Franchise ice cream shop: Operates under the esteemed brand and follows the meticulous operational standards set by the franchisor.

Don’t forget to add a mission statement in this section, as it is a brief of your ice cream shop’s guiding principles. Here is an example of the mission statement for an ice cream store using Upmetrics:

mission statement for an ice cream store

Next, discuss a little bit more about your business background and how your ice cream shop works. Try to give answers for when you start your business and what are the long-term goals of your brand.

In addition, highlight any milestones you have accomplished, such as the number of customers served, positive reviews, new ice cream parlor openings, etc.

3. Market and Competitor Analysis

Launching an ice cream shop business demands a strategic roadmap and an ice cream shop industry analysis. So, take some time to go further and perform careful market research in your area.

Start this section by presenting a quick summary of the ice cream shop industry and define the local market size (in dollars), historical background, and growth potential.

With proper market research and industry analysis, you can assess that the market for ice cream shops is bustling with competition, going from self-serve frozen yogurt zones to dreamy ice cream parlors.

So, identify your target market demographics, including age, gender, income level, and preferences. Want help creating a buyer persona for your ice cream shop business?

Employ Upmetrics’ AI-powered Assistance now and write brief sections of your business plans. Follow the given prompt or revise it to make a bunch of buyer persona profiles for your target customers:

ice cream shop buyer persona

Explore the current landscape and assess key players to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Perform a thorough ice cream industry analysis to recognize direct and indirect competitors.

Direct competitors can be other ice cream shops, while frozen yogurt shops or dessert cafes can be indirect competitors.

Monitor their product offerings, pricing plan, and customer engagement approach. So, you need a strong, memorable, and coherent ice cream brand that addresses gaps in the market.

Conduct a SWOT analysis to find internal strengths & weaknesses of your ice cream shop and external opportunities & threats in the ice cream market. Based on that, outline unique selling points and competitive edge.

SWOT analysis for an ice cream shop business
Example from Upmetrics; showing SWOT analysis for an ice cream shop business

Not only that, you can also explain local government regulatory rules and emerging market trends that might impact the ice cream shop industry.

4. Ice cream Menu

Designing a sample ice cream menu is the most important asset for writing an ice cream shop business plan. It is a productive step in presenting your business plan to potential clients and investors.

Summarize the uniqueness of your offerings that set your brand apart from other ice cream shops. Start by listing all the flavors of ice creams, toppings, and specialty items your shop will offer. That might be:

  • Classic flavors(Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Butter Pecan, etc.)
  • Signature flavors (Hazelnut Delight, Caramel Sensation, Cheesecake Bliss, Espresso Crunch, etc.)
  • Seasonal Specials(Pumpkin Spice Delight, Apple Cinnamon Harvest, Lemonade Fizz Fling, etc.)
  • Creative Cones(Bubblegum Burst Cone, Cinnamon Sugar Twist Cone)
  • Ice cream floats
  • frozen yogurt selections
  • Customizable ice cream flights
  • Ice cream cakes
  • Sorbet and Sherbet options

Showcase that your ice cream products cater to a diverse customer base and ensure that there’s something for everyone. Clearly emphasize innovative flavors and unique combinations to grab customer attention.

Add creative names and descriptions to enhance the overall appeal of your menu. Use vibrant language to portray delightful flavors, the aroma of freshly made waffle cones, and any special features.

Your menu is a part of branding so infuse creativity into the naming and descriptions of ice creams that prompt sensory experiences and emotions.

Implement a transparent and strategic pricing structure for delightful explorations that reflect the quality and craftsmanship behind each product.

Check the below example from Upmetrics to draft your ice cream shop product offerings:

ice cream shop product offerings

You might enclose details about whether you will sell ice cream cakes from a local vendor or make your own, and what kind of ingredients, dairy products, flavorings, and serving methods you will feature.

If applicable, consider including any interactive elements into the menu, such as QR codes for online videos revealing the making process of irresistible offerings or customer testimonials.

5. Marketing Strategy

Demonstrate a comprehensive marketing plan to attract a diverse customer base. Develop a multifaceted approach for brand promotion and customer engagement.

Think about the key elements mentioned below to add in your sales and marketing plan:


Establish a unique personality of an ice cream store via a professional website and brand logo. Highlight your shop atmosphere, ice cream offerings, artisanal flavors,  customer reviews, and locally sourced ingredients.

Social Media platforms

Use the power of social media(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to present your ice cream creations. Regularly publish visually appealing content, such as high-quality images, catchy captions, and promotional activities to maximize reach.

Offline Advertising

Effectively reach your target audience using offline channels. Use traditional advertising methods like brochures, newspapers, and social gatherings. Also, get in touch with the local community through outreach initiatives.

Events and influencer collaborations

Participate in local events or carnivals to raise brand visibility. Collaborate with influencers who align with your brand value and attract their followers to your ice cream shop.

Promotions and loyalty programs

Involve special discounts, buy one get one free offer or seasonal promotions to draw new customers and retain existing ones. Also, introduce loyalty programs to offer rewards for frequent patrons.

Take a reference from the below example written using our AI assistant, describing marketing strategy for ice cream shops:

6. Management Team

Allowing your readers or investors to know about your management team will help them have a clear idea of who is operating your ice cream shop.

So, mention the ice cream shop’s general manager, marketing team, or some combination of ice cream confectioner and financier in this section. Here is an illustration of a strong management team with the help of Upmetrics:

Management team example of ice cream shop business

Highlight each individual’s specific roles and responsibilities, including their skills and prior experience relevant to ice cream businesses. If so, mention those experiences in your business plan to show their ability.

Doing so is very important to prevent any misunderstandings once the business is up and running.

Next, describe the compensation plan or salary structure in this section. This can help key stakeholders to ascertain how much percentage of the revenues is allocated to salaries. Refer to below as an example:

ice cream shop business salary structure
Source: Upmetrics’ ice cream shop business plan template

Not only that, you can also state advisory board members by including 2 -3 individuals who act like mentors to your business. They would direct you with strategic guidance and add credibility to your business idea.

7. Operational Plan

As specific information on day-to-day operations is a map for achieving business objectives and customer satisfaction, it’s time to emphasize a precise operational plan for an ice cream shop business.

Begin with a quick intro that summarizes the pivotal role of everyday operations and the supply chain for the frozen treats on your menu. Then, give a detailed overview of daily activities that navigate your business.


Specify the staffing requirements for your shop, defining the number of front-of-house and back-of-house associates. From scoopers to kitchen staff and cashiers, mention their roles and responsibilities.

Consider some factors like peak hours and seasonal variations to determine staffing levels. Here is an example from Upmetrics depicting the personnel plan for ice cream shops:

Personnel plan for ice cream shops

Facility Management

To ensure a smooth operation, discuss the daily facility management tasks such as opening and closing routines, maintaining schedules for equipment & fixtures, and making ice cream and serving customers.


Leverage technology/software for daily operations, including point-of-sale systems for order processing, inventory management for ingredient level tracking, and CRM tools for personalized communication or feedback.

Customer experience

Take specific steps to ensure a fun and safe customer experience. Involve staff training for a welcoming environment and cleaning protocols for food safety measures and contribute to a favorable customer experience.

8. Financial Plan

For a successful ice cream shop business, you will need a well-structured and in-depth financial plan with a realistic financial projection.

It is the most important section for investors as it offers a clear picture of the ice cream shop’s projected profitability, fiscal growth, and cash generation capacity.

While developing a financial plan, you can highlight the income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, break-even analysis, and funding needs for 3-5 years.

In this section, you need to make a few assumptions. it will greatly affect the financial forecasts of your business. Refer to Upmetrics’ template to make important assumptions for your ice cream shop business:

important assumptions for your ice cream shop business

Define all the necessary components explained below in your business plan:

To create automatic financials for your own business plan, we recommend Upmetrics. Create your own business plan.

Income statement

An income statement is generally known as a profit and loss statement, or P&L, showing the net profit of your ice cream shop business by deducting expenses from total earnings.

Here is an example of a projected profit & loss statement for an ice cream shop business using Upmetrics:

ice cream shop business profit loss statement

Cash flow statement

This statement enables you to notice how much money you need to start or grow your ice cream shop business and ensure that you never run out of money.

Sometimes, you get profits but still face financial issues that could lead to bankruptcy. Thus, you will require suitable cash flow planning to avoid such cases.

Also, don’t forget to maintain this statement even for certain months before earning profits.

Balance sheet

The balance sheet indicates your ice cream shop business’s net worth at a specific point in time. It classifies all your ice cream shop’s financial data into three parts: assets, liabilities, and equity.

Typically, a balance sheet is prepared once a year. For your ice cream shop business plan, create a projected balance sheet that emphasizes the income statement and cash flow projections.

projected balance sheet for an ice cream shop

All the above financial factors can help you specify the break-even point and funding needs. Evaluate the funding resources, including bank loans, SBA-guaranteed loans, angel investors, and personal savings.

However, calculating all the financial statements from scratch can be challenging. But not to worry; here is a simple solution.

Use our robust financial forecasting tool to develop all financial aspects for launching your own ice cream shop business.

Having a realistic financial plan in your hand not only helps you present your business’s fiscal health but also accentuates its long-term viability.

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