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Bakery shops are a favorite spot found around the corners of every road. That’s how demanding the market is for bakery businesses. 

A recent research forecast suggests that the bakery market is likely to become a USD 165.49 billion industry by 2025, having a steady CARG of 6.12% from 2019 to 2024. With such a competitive market, starting a bakery business requires thoughtful research and strategies.

You may be a passionate pastry chef wanting to have your own place or a business person who wishes to jump into the bakery line— let me remind you, beginnings are never easy but attainable with the right approach.

Need a Bakery business plan? We’re Here to Help!

If you are planning to start a new bakery business, the first thing you will need is a business plan. Use our sample B4Bakers - bakery business plan created using upmetrics business plan software to start writing your business plan in no time.

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Before you start writing your business plan for your new bakery business, spend as much time as you can reading through some samples of food, restaurant, and retail store business plans.

We have created this B4Bakers bakery business plan example for you to get a good idea about how a perfect bakery business plan should look like and what details you will need to include in your stunning business plan.

Bakery Business Plan Outline

This is the standard bakery business plan outline which will cover all important sections that you should include in your business plan.

  • Executive Summary
    • Business Overview
    • Products & Services
    • Customer Focus
    • Operations Plan
    • Management Team
      • John Doe
    • Keys To Success
    • Financial Highlights
      • EBITDA, Net Income
  • Company Overview
    • About B4Bakers
    • B4Bakers’ History
    • Products & Services
    • Store Design
  • Industry Analysis
    • Industry Statistics & Trends
  • Customer Analysis
    • Customers
    • Customer Segments
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Direct & Indirect Competitors
      • Joe’s Supermarket
      • Old Time Bakery
      • Freddy’s Deli
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing Plan
    • The B4Bakers Brand
    • Promotions Strategy
      • Direct Mail
      • Public Relations
      • Advertising
      • Sampling
      • Ongoing Customer Communications
      • Pre-Opening Events
    • Pricing Strategy
  • Operations Plan
    • Functional Roles
      • Administrative Functions
      • Kitchen Functions
      • Store/Retail Functions
    • Milestones
  • Milestones
    • Management Team Members
      • John Doe
    • Hiring Plan
  • Financial Plan
    • Revenue and Cost Drivers
    • Capital Requirements and Use of Funds
    • Key Assumptions
    • Financial Projections
      • Income Statement (5 Year projections)
      • Balance Sheet (5 Year projections)
      • Cash Flow Statement (5 Year projections)

After getting started with upmetrics, you can copy this bakery business plan example into your business plan and modify the required information and download your bakery business plan pdf and doc file. It's the fastest and easiest way to start writing your business plan.

Which Things to Consider Before Starting a Bakery Business?

  • Learn from case studies: Research different bakery case studies. See how they have managed their business in different stages and under different circumstances. The more information you get through case studies, the better informed the decisions become for your business. 
  • Decide your menu: Curating your menu isn’t merely listing items on the page. Always add important details to make the menu creative and appealing. Also, does your menu have unique items? Be thoughtful when you name these items and have a dedicated section for them. A well-designed menu can create hype among customers and make them return for more. 
  • Leveraging POS solutions: Choose the right POS software for your business. With the right partner, a POS system can do more than inventory management in bakery businesses. When you choose the POS system, make sure that it is customized enough to fit well for your bakery. 
  • Prepare necessary documents: When you prepare your documents properly, it creates cohesion for customers and administrative bodies in the location. Besides, you can show transparency and be an informed entrepreneur. 
  • Plan a marketing strategy: How are you going to market your product? The smell of your baked goods can have a wider reach if the marketing strategy is creative and impactful. For this, you can have an advertising plan for the business. You can also work on early adopters and improve their customer experience. 
  • Plan your budget: Finance management is as important as product development, marketing, or client service. How are you going to plan your budget? Do you need any investor support? If yes, prepare your proposal effectively to ensure you have adequate funds in place with maximum leverage.

How to write a bakery business plan?

Working on a business plan can be overwhelming. Where to start? How to start? What to write? A template answers all such questions. A business plan template assists you to chalk out all that you need for your business plan with easy-to-follow instructions. Then, you either follow the same plan or shape it as you like. With each section, you can think through and take it ahead in the right direction. 

What to include in a bakery business plan?

Firstly, your business plan can include an executive summary section to help you to get an overview of your business and the bakery market. Secondly, you can have a company review section to study how the market leaders are running their bakeries.

Comprehension of customer behavior is crucial in strategizing your product and overall business moves. You could have a section that offers key insights into your target customers. The smell of your bakery passes with a robust marketing plan. For this, the marketing analysis section can help you assess various marketing strategies.

When starting a bakery, you should be aware of the kitchen and front-end functional segregation. Not only does the operational plan assist you with the organized approach to your business, but it also makes you ready for crisis contingencies.

Reading some sample business plans will give you a good idea of what you’re aiming for and also it will show you the different sections that different entrepreneurs include and the language they use to write about themselves and their business plans.

Lastly, the financial plan is perhaps the most crucial part of your business plan. You definitely don’t want to start your business with the wrong financial assumptions and capital requirements.

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Customize your Business Plan

All businesses are different. So, don't hesitate to customize your business plan according to your requirements. Even though our sample business plans aim to help you create the perfect presentation for your clients and investors, it is finally up to you to decide how you're going to present your ideas in the best light.

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