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How do you know what sections you need to include in your business plan when you are creating your business plan for the very first time?

The sample business plan template can help you to draft a business plan, listing the sections in the order in which they will appear in your completed informal business plan with a brief description of each section to help you get prepared and lead you into the process.

Once you outline your business plan, it’s time to dive into the process of writing a business plan.

Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong way to write a business plan. What is important is that your plan should clearly explain what you are going to do with your business and how?

Looking at business plan examples can help you visualize what a full, informal business plan looks like, so you know what you're aiming for before you get started.

Preview our business plan example, Let's start writing your own business plan.It's easy and fun with Upmetrics.

Remember, do not look for the exact business plan example for your business because each business is different and your business place, target customers, marketing strategy, and even your product or services may not match exactly to our library of sample business plans.

Every startup and small business is different, so avoid copying an example business plan word for word. Instead, always look for the business plan that's related to the type of business you're planning and study that plan and write your own.

When you write a business plan on your own, you'll go into the process of thinking about important aspects of your business, like your startup expenses, your target market & customers, and any marketing strategy or research you'll need to do to be successful.

Always think about business planning as something you do regularly, rather than a little document you create once to get an investment and place it at the bottom of your cupboard.

If you take the time to write a plan that really fits your business, it will be a useful tool to grow your business going forward. It should also make it easier to share your goals and strategy with your team as the business plan will keep you all on the same page.

We have created this example business plan for entrepreneurs out there who are starting their business plan for the first time and do not have any clue about how to write each section in the business plan.

Use this sample plan as your guideline and start editing it right away. It's easy and fun with Upmetrics.

Business Plan Example Outline

This is the standard business plan example outline which will cover all important sections that you should include in your business plan.

  • Executive Summary
    • Company Overview
    • Financial Summary
  • Vision, Goals, and Objectives
    • Vision
    • Goals and Objectives
  • Key People
    • Management Team
  • Analyzing the pain points (Problem Statement)
    • What is the pain point?
    • What is currently being offered?
  • Product and Service Offerings
  • Market Analysis
    • Target Market and Potential
    • TAM, SAM, and SOM Analysis
    • Current Market Trends
  • Customer Analysis
  • Business Model
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Pricing Mechanism
  • Competition
    • A Perspective on Closest Competitors
    • Competitive Advantages
  • Timeline
  • Key Success Elements
  • Marketing & Distribution
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Distribution Strategy
  • Sales
  • Marketing Mix & Positioning
  • Funding
  • Exit Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PORTER Analysis
  • Financials
    • Financial Analysis
    • Projected Revenue
    • Profit and Loss Account
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Balance Sheet

Remember, when you write your business plan, it's not mandatory to include all the above sections into your business plan. Instead, use the sections that are relevant to your business and your needs.

Customize your Business Plan

All businesses are different. So, don't hesitate to customize your business plan according to your requirements. Even though our sample business plans aim to help you create the perfect presentation for your clients and investors, it is finally up to you to decide how you're going to present your ideas in the best light.

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