Free Business and Planning Resources

E-books, checklists, guides, templates, and more to help you grow

Ultimate Guide On Writing A Business Plan

Download the e-book that includes a complete business planning guide by experts from Upmetrics

Problem Statement Templates

Download 3 free problem statement templates that anyone can use to write their Business Problem Statements quickly. You just have to fill in the blanks

Financial Statements Template

Download financial statements template that includes balance sheets, income statements, cash flow. Use it to help understand your business' financial position

Executive Summary Template

Download and use this executive summary template to write a summary of your business plan, project or memo

Business Startup Checklist

Download and use this checklist to follow the basic steps that requires to start a new business

Business Plan Cover Pages

Download simple, clean, and good looking business plan cover pages that are used to give an overview of all the key information of your business

Business Plan Checklist

Download and use this checklist to measure where you are in process of collecting the necessary information and writing your business plan.

Confidentiality Statement Templates

Download and use this templates to write confidentiality agreements for your business plan readers

Business Plan Template

Download a business plan template that anyone can use to write their Business plan quickly. You just have to fill in the blanks

The Lean Canvas Template

Use this canvas to quickly define a business plan, pitch your idea to lenders and investors and brainstorm ideas with your team and collaborators.

The Business Model Canvas Template

Use this template to align your business priorities and ideas on one page, this is also called a one-page business model.

Mission and Vision Statement Templates

Download these templates to get useful tips to write clear vision and mission statements for your business

The Competitive Analysis Kit

5 Competitive Research and Planning Templates to help you conduct business' competitive analysis

An Operations Plan Template

An operational plan template will help you set goals for your business and take actionable steps for fulfilling the same.

Product and Service Description Workbook

Use this worksheet to describe products and services, Develop a clear, succinct, and easy-to-understand description.

A SMART Goal Template

Use this template to clarify what goals you want to achieve, the measures taken for the same, and what purpose will be fulfilled if you achieve those goals.

Customer Persona Template

Use this template to create engaging buyer personas for your market research, sales and customer service.

The Market Analysis Kit

Market Analysis guide and Planning templates, Use these templates to conduct your market research & analysis.

The Product Marketing Kit

Use these marketing kit templates to define your Go-To marketing strategies for your next product launch

Company Profile Templates

Get this company profile template to use as a resource to easily create your own company profile.

Market Survey Template

Use this template to find your target audience & competitors to make better decision crafting your product/service.

Business Proposal Template

Use this template to compose a detailed Business Proposal Template faster and easier for winning a prospective client.

Cashflow Calculator

Use this simple cash flow calculator to know where you are spending your money, how much cash is available for those vital day-to-day obligations.

Checklist: Test Your Business Idea

Use this checklist to figure out which ideas are worth investing your time, money, and efforts in.

Marketing Plan Template

A marketing plan helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts. Use this template to write an effective marketing plan.

One Page Business Plan Template

Use this simple one-page business plan template to immediately get started on your plan.

Organization Chart Template

Use this Organization chart template to help illustrate the roles and an organization’s hierarchy.

Positioning Statement Templates

Use this templates to write your own positioning statement that explains how it fills a market need

Customer Analysis Template

This template will help you analyze your customer base and design better product/service for them.

Sales Forecast Templates

Use this template to organize your sales data and manage your resources more optimally.
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