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You’re an entrepreneur if you embrace taking risks

“Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” – this means that if you aren’t prepared to take business risks head-on, you can never succeed. Business risks are daunting and sometimes you might even have to gamble outright to meet your goals.

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Significance of great workplace culture and how startups ace in this department

A good work culture holds a lot more significance than most people consider it too. A workspace that makes employees look forward to coming in every day, that fosters a supportive environment and alleviates stress instead of adding it on, is one that will prove to be the most productive.

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The Top 5 startup key metrics every business owner should track

Launching a new business can be both intimidating and overwhelming experience. For starters, tracking the data as soon as the business is launched might seem sterile, but not having substantial strategic planning only serves to create more confusion and penetrate the risk further. In simple words, you’re lost!

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